What happens when you have nothing to turn back to. No plan B, no escape route, no back door?

Watch this video by Andy Andrews on what the Conqueror Hernando Cortez did…


So what boats are stopping you from achieving your goals? Just get a match and start some fire… :)

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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  • Avatar sanzbunny says:

    Yeah it sound interesting and true and we can all apply this to our present tense world. What would you do if someone ask you Do it or die? It so important for us to take does obstacles that are in between our goals and kill them instead of them killing us. There is the answer. There will allways be a boat or boats out there that will take us to the past but that does't mean we have to jump in. Fire is the strongest element in this world and can destroy almost anything . Well maybe if you picture yourself fighting your obstacles with fire ,, you'll win.

  • Avatar Chelsea says:

    Where is the next video? It just stops.

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