To the writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, creatives and visionaries out there (whether you make a living out of it or not) – you’re probably no stranger to challenges during the creative process.

Whether it is from a tired mind, the obstruction of self-doubt or your imagination hitting a brick wall, it can be a temporarily debilitating experience – proving troublesome when you’re required to create.

In this 17-minute TED talk, radio host Julie Burstein, who talks to creative people for a living, shares four lessons on how to create when you come across mental obstacles. She discusses everything from our need to be open and pay attention to the world around us, to using dyslexia to push up against the limits of what you can’t do to help you find your own creative voice.

When you create, whether for work or pleasure – what helps you flourish during the creative process? Is it listening to music, shutting yourself in a room or perhaps embarking on a different activity to refresh your mind? Share what works for you below :)



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