From Wales to the East of England and from the South West to Yorkshire, a plethora of projects and events have introduced programs dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for young people not just in the UK but also abroad.

More than 10 million people have been encouraged to participate in projects across the UK ranging from areas of sustainability, education, and volunteerism to business, sport, and community engagement.

One such organization, International Inspiration, introduces and encourages children from all over the world to engage in leadership rolls, building a working knowledge of various sports and the application of health as a means to keep kids moving forward despite cultural background, physical disability, or poverty.

The best part? The kids of course! Programs such as International Inspiration provide a platform for dreams to become reality, connections to be cemented, and opportunities for the local and young of today to thrive as leaders of tomorrow. Inspire the tiny people to think big and watch them grow into the kind of adults that we need to unite neighbours, communities, countries and continents.

It is great that big organisations are getting involved in feeding the brains of the young with culture, love and laughter but its not just the big wigs that can help – get inspired and grab the next kid you see and give them a tool, a skill, some advice and most of all some inspiration :)

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