Speed dating, speed reading, lunchtime speed yoga and one-minute bedtime stories – we live in a society where we’ve become obsessed with cramming more and more activities into the same amount of time.

In this TED talk (which has been viewed over 670,000 times) journalist and author Carl Honore talks about his advocacy for the Slow Movement and how our need for increased speed is slowly hindering our quality of life in terms of our relationships, health and productivity.

In his humorous 19-minute talk, he tries to dispel the myth that slowness is synonymous with being bad or unproductive, and how we need to break free from this mindset to ensure we’re not hurrying through our lives, but living them.

Carl also discusses some of the interesting slow movements taking place across the world, including the Slow Food Movement, the Slow Sex Movement and the Slow Cities Movement; where people are getting more pleasure from connecting with their food, in the bedroom and with their landscapes by taking the time to smell the roses, literally.

We couldn’t agree more with some of the points raised in his talk and our need for instant gratification, what do you think?

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