Burt Goldman, the man behind Quantum Jumping, just hosted an awesome online presentation/webinar. Over 20,000 people signed up to discover the unique, literally out-of-this-world technique he calls Quantum Jumping.

So it’s no wonder that this guy has hundreds of thousands of people following him on his sites like TheAmericanMonk and QuantumJumping.

And so when I met Burt and his lovely partner Marianne at their home in Rancho Mirage, I asked Marianne the following question:

“So many people think of Burt as a powerful teacher and visionary. But you know the real him. What about Burt ANNOYS you the most?”

Watch the vid to find out her answer:

Younger girlfriend, at top of his game, and he’s on the cutting edge of technology? This 83-year old isn’t your typical guy!

P.S. If you missed out on the incredible online presentation/webinar that happened last week, no worries.  Just check out the replay. We’ve been getting awesome feedback on it and if you’ve got an open mind and a desire for a phenomenal life, then I really recommend you check it out.

Click here to watch the repeat broadcast of Quantum Jumping >>

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