Over the last couple years we’ve featured a ton of great videos on FinerMinds. Some will make you shed tears, while others will inspire and make you laugh.

But since we get so many new readers, we thought we’d do a quick recap of the top 5 best videos.

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The One-Minute Life


Jessica’s Daily Affirmations (This Girl Kicks Serious Butt)


Why Are People So Unhappy When Everything’s So Amazing?


What Truly Motivates Humans


Enthusiasm Unleashed


Which one was your favorite? Let us in on your thoughts with a comment below.

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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  • nemesmejat says:

    loved them! all of 'em. couldnt pick my favoutire :)

  • Stuart says:

    No:1 is cute, No:2 is even cuter, No:3 is hilarious, No:4 is fascinating and incredibly thought provoking, No:5 is amusing. Great stuff – will definitely share this. Now gonna take a look at the Philosophers Notes bit. cheers Stu

  • Louis says:

    Iwatched four of the videos on my phone AMAZING

  • patricia says:

    No. 1 was the most uplifting video I have seen in a long time.
    No.2 was very interesting.
    No 3 was hallarious

  • Rita says:

    I loved cognitive media's What truly motivates humans.

  • Rena says:

    I loved them all! Thanks for sharing.

  • david r says:

    Enthusiasm Unleashed simply brilliant I like a laugh..
    But all where great.



  • gopi says:

    great; liked each one of them.

    it is really an eye opener to know that Money is not a major motivator.

  • maria says:

    Really liked the fly, but the guy on Conan was SO TRUE!!!!

  • Linda Salter says:

    “Why Are People So Unhappy When Everything’s So Amazing?” was my favorite. I remember the rotary phone.

  • georgekihara says:

    I love no. 5 I want to start my mornings like that guy, that guy is in BLISS heaven.
    No 4. is really captivating, really made me think.
    No 3 was a real good reminder for me. I was born in third
    world country there are things I complain about that I wouldn't
    have if I was never blessed with the opportunity to be in the U.S

  • Kathryn says:

    What a great way to start my day! # 3 was my fave! I laughed outloud at how we take so many things for granted! I will definitely share this with my friends! Thank YOU!!

  • Craig Scheunemann says:

    No 3 is the answer tto our problems

  • Eliakeem says:

    They are all great and very necessary. It feels like getting a daily check up, making sure those pistons are fire under that hood. For the process am in right now i find the clip on ” what truly motivates humans” was very interesting, insightful and stimulating.

    Well done and thank you for sharing


  • Kellie says:

    They were all eye opening my list of like is 4 -3-5-1-2 in this order.

  • cgh says:

    all were awesome.

  • modesto says:

    that litle girl who likes her house! extraordinary!

  • Gail says:

    They are all great. But Jessica says it all so well!

  • Lucy says:

    Nos. 2 and 5 are such great motivators and lighthearted where nos. 1 and 4 are more in depth and interesting. No, 3 was just down right hilarious and TRUE. Liked all of them. Thank you for sharing them:0)

  • jermaine gray says:

    u have some pretty good videos.

  • Mariana says:

    the deutsche nut that dances while djing said in another video that he “drinks a couple of beers” to get in the mood. Haha…. I wonder if drnking s couple of beers si legit to get inthe mood of being joyful as he is…Hmmmm, I prefer to listen to Paramahamsa Nithyananda to put me in blisssssss :)

  • bess says:

    No.1,2,3, 4.
    i loved them.

  • dydablju says:

    I loved them all! Thanks for sharing.



  • inaam says:

    Just forgot how i got to these set of vids, but fantastic stuff, look forward to more…….

  • inaam says:

    check out these 5 vids, fantastic

  • Rita says:

    Thank you for the uplift! Love the comedian pointing out how wonderful our lives truly are and the little girl-what a great way to start a day.

  • Pivotal concepts!
    My recent post Paths

  • Matt says:

    I absolutely love Jessica’s Daily Affirmations. That is the way all of us should start our day. There was a follow up on her now on one of the news networks, forget which one, but she's actually a teenager now.

    My recent post A Little Anxiety May Be Good For You

  • Ajay says:

    # 5 was the best of the lot, though the others were also good.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Rachel says:

    No.1 and then No.3! Brilliant!

  • Yohann says:

    So nice for new world freedom

  • maria garcia says:

    love them all.

  • Leila says:

    Although number 1 is my favourite I really liked the combination of all five. Thanks for posting.

  • james says:

    I liked them very well done

  • catherine adams says:

    these we all very good! made my morning! thanks

  • donna says:

    Loved them all but the last one refreshed my soul and made me laugh out loud! Wow!!! Sending these to all my family . mamadonna

  • James says:

    Loved numbers 3, 4 and 5, the little girl was cute in number 2, I found the fly one to be kind of sad. Recently saw the movie Social Network and found correlations with number 4, felt it was directly speaking to me with flashes of the scenes in the movie where Zukerman is saying to his financial partner, forget about selling advertising and lets make this real. What a concept. Cool, thanks, James

  • Aleksandra says:

    I'll watch them again Monday morning, not Friday evening and then maybe I will decide.
    For the moment they are all equally awesome!

  • Steve Martile says:

    My fav is #5!! I've never a DJ that old with that much ENERGY!! Great video,

    My recent post Client Interview- Aspiring Performer Peter Przyszlak

  • Egres says:

    They ware all amaizing. Nr. 3 really hits the spot though… Thanks

  • jaycee says:

    Check this out… can't you just see his soul dancing…

  • Jessie says:

    Love them all but #5 made my day!

  • Meridith says:

    What an awesome awesome way to start my day!!! Thank you!
    I believe this one needs to be included as well: http://www.ted.com/talks/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powe

  • sandeep says:

    I Enjoyed them all. Thanks for Sharing.

  • Jo-ylynne says:

    Hands down, no contest, “What truly motivates humans” was a brilliant, thoughtful insight into human behavior – The artist is not only accomplished with his pencils but is able to combine this skill with real life story telling that captures attention and provokes the reader to look at his/her own behavior in the work place, and what really matters to people. He is definitely steering people towards the concept that work and passion if combined creates such brilliance that life as we know it could change very very quickly. Thank you enjoyed it thoroughly

  • Krystal P says:

    The little girl is cute and has a great attitude, but the best video is the reminder of how amazing the times we live in are. I was born in 1948 and there have been so many changes in these 62 years, I'm looking forward to what new wonders the world will have to offer in the next 60 years. How can we complain about anything when we have so much to be thankful for.

    Also love the enthusiasm of number 5.

  • Lucretia Weyden says:

    Love them all… super stuff…thanks for sharing and keep them coming…
    4 and 5 score top
    Have a wonderful weekend world :)

  • Guest says:

    They are all great, inspiring, funny, and thought-provoking, but I want to hire #5 for my next party. LOL

  • Very cool, thanks for the inspiration today! I would have to say Jessica's Daily Affirmations is top of the list!
    My recent post How to Maintain Energy and Avoid Burnout

  • Dennis says:

    It is hard to pick a favorite. But they ALL lifted my spirit

  • Madeleine says:

    Liked #3 the best. I know that I need to learn the lesson of appreciation and Conan's guest put that in hilariously obvious terms.

  • meihuey says:

    They are all great! Let's we learn we enjoy the life!

  • Racyro says:

    Love # 5, I want to start my day like this, have a lunch break like this and then just one more time before dinner !!

  • jerry says:

    What truely motivates humans shows a bit of reality, CEOs needing morale to shift plus increase profits or service to expand in a joyful manner should watch and duplicate this short video.

  • Connie says:

    I Just Loved Them All! My Favorites though were number 4 on the development of new ideas and Motivational Skills, and number 5 for Enthusiasm that was was a Breath of Fresh Air for all that Watched Him..lol

  • Cruz Alberto says:

    Affirmations #1
    Happiness come from appreciating what we have… if you don't find the road under your feet,
    where else will you find it?

    Thanks guys!

  • Dmax says:

    Thank you for the videos but #5 really made my day so far hopefully when ever I feel like something is not too ok to start my day I will just think of # 5 video and get going.
    Thank again

  • sandraellen says:

    Loved all five of them. Makes the bulls#*t excuses seem more like bulls#*tt!

  • I loved them all and have shared them with friends. My favourites are #1, #3 & #4. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  • All Great, loved the music on the last video!

  • Olive says:

    Number 4 has some interesting ideas (and great drawing!) but I'd HAVE to go for 3. We simply do not realise how easy our lives have become :)
    Great video's (and thank you for putting them here)

  • iMAGINE says:

    All of them. mostly the little girl's liking her life! AWESOME.

  • patlindenterprises says:

    really good content, thanks for sharing!

  • denlifeyoga says:

    yea love then all thankx nothing better then going over what there is allready deepen into the feeliing as to looking for newer and newer stuff great !

  • Really hard to pick a favourite. Two blew me away. We forget how simple it really is. Three made me laugh and is so true. Four is a great concept – I would like to look into it more, especially with regards company's that have put it into practice. Five is just brilliant

  • karen g says:

    #4 OMG!!!! you have a voice here for the model for our future as a global village. everytime i ask people how we are going to fix the “the recession” i discuss the need to rethink our consumer/capitalist driven society. no wonder it isn't being fixed, as we evolve it not longer fits the paradigm. it is obvious that very few people (yet) have any clue as to what drives their personal lives, let alone those of huge groups of us. so much to think of…..thank you

  • Guest says:

    Jessica, for sure, is my fav.

  • Kim says:

    No 3 all the way!!! Who is that guy???

  • John says:

    All were really great. The 1 minute fly hit a little too close to home. I guess my favorite was the guy explaining incentive.

  • Sandy Lee Bureros says:

    Out of the mouths of Babes….I loved the fact that someone is teaching their children self love and self motivation! We can learn a lot from her…..

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  • Sid says:

    #2 & #5. Loved the enthusiasm.

  • Jackie says:

    These are all great. Love #1 what a way to think about life in terms of this little fly. Love the little girl, she loves her house and everything there – great attitude. Look forward to more of these!

  • Onion says:

    This is really stupid in my opinion and I am not a pecamist either. The little girl on the sink give you a very good feeling about the world but every sane person already knows this stuff. She was very cute even.
    People so unhappy wow thats a tough one. What people you idiot the people in Haiti, or Afghanistan, or Palestine. How about the elite very wealthy are they happ creating wars endless wars of devistation. Is the military over the planet happy, how about people under water in Nuclear submarines waiting to bomb the piss out of someone. Maybe the homeless in your town are or should be happier. What a very stupid question and where do you guys get this idea your idiot thoughts are so pure as hell anyway. You are scared to death to print this one buddy. Freedom of speach but the freedom to speak are two different things buddy boy.

  • Lakotasue says:

    #4: AWESOME!!!

  • Lynn Rekvig says:

    My favorites:

    No.3 Why are people so unhappy when everything is SO amazing…..SO true!

    No 4. For the intellectual aspect of what truly motivates us in life. Fascinating.

  • Sale says:

    I enjoyed all of them, but the favorates are 3 and 4
    Thank you very much for sharing such a motivating things.

    If everyone would be able and / or capable to benefit from this, the world would be much better place to live, full with happyness and positive energy.

  • Joelle says:

    I love no 2,because the little girl is amazing, no 3 because the speaker is so right and no 5 I love best because you can feel the positive energy of that man.

  • Beena says:

    I like no1@4, but best is no 5 . i want to be like him.

  • carmen says:

    Vishen and Team I want to THANK YOU for giving to us. I don't go online much as I am busy as many of us are I'm sure, but when I do, I read and listen to all your treats. Yes treats… like sweets and candy for the soul. I always take away goodness from your site and links, I feel myself vibrating at a higher frequency when I visit with all of you. I know I echo many people's sentiment as I say this, and so when I say Thank You(s) it is on our collective behalf that I do( and my personal one too) . You have the time and resources to find and share these wonderful clips and stories. Always inspiring, joyful, positive and full of magic. It is good to know that you will not loose heart and that your light will shine on and spread in directions yet unknown until…our planet sparkles.

    I love the little bug that's me…one minute ……or 50 years, same thing in the face of eternity It seems like it was just yesterday that I got married….

    I wish I had raised my kids with that kind of spirit live and learn…hey your young parents listen up!!

    No 3 well I get it!!!!! Been there…..I honor that man for voicing all that and giving us all a laugh, Cheers

    Motivated Humans Loved it, shared it, and will pass it on.

    The seated dancer well that's me all the time, in the car , kitchen, yard what joy this brings!!!! ROCK ON!!

  • Marcus says:

    I love them all . No. # 4 is the best for me. Thanks

  • Lyne says:

    they're all great, but 4, 3, 2, in that order, were best to me.

  • Silvia says:

    I am a therapist, and help people with emotional pain when they losing a loved one, or losing their home in a flood, I can not restore life to the loved one died, and I can not repair their homes, but I know that when they leave to my office they may continue their lives with less pain and more strength to lift his house and live with people next to him.
    I belive that learn and use tools that make us happier is useful both for ourselves and to share with others, to smile and be happy is food for the spirit does not matter which bad times we're living.
    I thank you that share these beautiful videos.
    and I hope Onion you find peace and joy inside.

  • Catharine Hay says:

    They were all good, because the message was different in each one. I found the fourth video interesting because I have a degree in Economics, but I have learned over the years that money is not always a motivator when it comes to work. The third video was hysterical and a good reminder to appreciate what we have. The fifth video was just unadulterated enthusiasm and makes you feel good. The second video reminds us of how special we all are. The first video reminds us to really live life, because we our time on earth is limited.

  • Noemi A. Medina says:

    I love all of them but my Nr. 1 is Jessica's Daily Affirmation – so simple and yet it remnds us that we should learn to value what we have around us: things and people around us including ourselves. My Nr. 2 is the Cognitive Media which is an affirmation of our ultimate goal in life: to make this world a better place to live in.

  • Marlene says:

    If I had to watch one of those eeryday of my life it would have to be number 2, I really liked 3 also,but I enjoyed all of them, thank you for e-mailing them to me!!! Marlene

  • Suzanne says:

    Tough choosing between the last two….very informative versus huge smile and that knowing- I've been at that enthusiastic moment and can connect with him!
    Purpose is what we should focus on and with the focus of money out the way it would allow us to grow and achieve so much more so much faster!!

  • daniel says:

    they are nice video and specially videos #
    they are funny

  • Carole says:

    I enjoyed all 5 of the videos, they all had a good message. However, No. 1 and No. 5 were my favorites. No. 1 because sometimes we are in such a rush to get things done in our daily lives we forget to see how really successful we have been and all the amazing things we are capable of accomplishing. No. 5 was great and I connect with that man, as I have recently learned how great it is to have a good attitude in life and have fun. The older I get, the younger I feel, being happy is everything!

  • Celeastar says:

    Preference for What Truly Motivates Humans. So true, and so easy to forget. We strive to have a purpose. Nothing more, certainly nothing less. Awesome presentation.

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  • kimscott333 says:

    VERY interesting vids, ALL of them. I found the content and the rapid cartooning in #4 really good. #1 was great-how much could I do with ALL the YEARS I have? Jessica is fab, but then kids are so much closer to home than we are. We have learned to shut it all down. We NEED to unlearn that! The last one was very UP and I could really see the joy and abandon in this man's creative juices flowing. But #3 was superb. I have often noticed, now that I am into gratitude, that everyone gripes and complains all the time. His piece on the airline and air travel was marvellous. What a gift. THanks

  • Mary Ann says:

    All of them are great, but I love Enthusiasm Unleashed, maybe because it confirmed that I'm not the only “old fogy” that does that kind of thing… :-D

    Thanks for sharing and helping to make the world a happier place!

  • Linda says:

    Love #3 and 5. Number 4 was fascinating.

  • Lezlie says:

    OK – #5 – had me moving to the beat, # 3 laughing, #2 cute – we should all be so positive, # 3 interestingly cool, and #1 whew – how much can we posibly get done in _______ time!
    Had seen only 2 of them before – thanks for sharing…Lezlie

  • Eunice says:

    Some I already knew!
    But I loved the fly thing!
    Yeah, life is too short! How can I share these with my friends on Facebook? Sorry for my ignorance on computer matters…

  • Isabel says:

    all of them are very nice and deep in content,but my favourite is number 3 because is funny and number 1 give us a life lesson.

  • My favourite is the human motivation video. The information is great, and the artwork just kicks it over the edge!
    My recent post Hidden in Plain Sight- Becoming a Better You

  • My favourite is the human motivation video. The information is great, and the artwork just kicks it over the edge!
    My recent post Hidden in Plain Sight- Becoming a Better You

  • Gabriella says:

    Number 1 was my favorite by far. BRILLIANT!!

  • James says:

    The last one was hilarious. It is awesome to watch someone have so much fun. I am grateful that people can express themselves so freely because it encourages others to do the same.

  • Carol says:

    Thanks for the uplift!!! Surely #3 made my day. Made me laugh and appreciate. Loved it. It is sooooo true. Then #4, it tells the story we all inherintly know but at the same time seems counter intuitive which is a misnomer because it is not counter intuitive it is counter straight logic but is very intuitive circular thinking taking in all that we know experientially. Then I love #1 that reminds us that life is very short and we need to live in that knowledge and that we often get what we intend in very surprising and in unintentional ways. Thanks again for a great few moments in my evening!

  • joy says:

    #5 was so satisfying to watch, I want to have a party and look that happy.
    #4 was so interesting, it gives me hope about companies
    #3 was a great wake up to "oh yeah, things really are amazing"
    #2 All kids should be so self positive!
    #1 Way to maximize!
    Thanks for sharing all of these and more!

  • joy says:

    #5 was so satisfying to watch, I want to have a party and look that happy.
    #4 was so interesting, it gives me hope about companies
    #3 was a great wake up to “oh yeah, things really are amazing”
    #2 All kids should be so self positive!
    #1 Way to maximize!
    Thanks for sharing all of these and more!

  • lary says:

    number 2 the little girl grew up to be the man in number 5…they both are boundless sources of joy…
    number 1 was a little sad….
    number 3 was bust out loud laughing funny
    number 4 was great information…l

  • lary says:

    number 2 the little girl grew up to be the man in number 5…they both are boundless sources of joy…
    number 1 was a little sad….
    number 3 was bust out loud laughing funny
    number 4 was great information…l

  • Delissa says:

    I loved them all but that last one with guy listening to music was the best!

  • Merlyn says:

    Hehehe….I can relate to the one minute fly, I’m a bit stressed out too :D
    Love the DJ!

  • fathimath says:

    watching the fly stressed me out.
    everything amazing is awesome. we forget to be grateful and take everything for granted
    loved the guy enjoying himself. made me feel like dancing

  • Leannerechargemassage says:

    loved it all, inspiring, thought provoking, funny, true, creative, mind expanding, information for everyone. thank you.

  • Paul_Davies12 says:

    Super DJ a bit like me and DJ in my own mind.

  • Montgomery106261 says:

    No.5 – what is he on?! I want some!

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