So here’s an interesting poll we found. It’s a list of America’s most happiest states. While we’re pretty sure every state has its own unique lifestyle, we couldn’t help but notice the top six to be surrounded by mother nature and a friendly community. All thanks to Gallup-Healthways well-being index, we’re giving you the six happiest states in the U.S of A. Let’s have some drumrolls please…

Happy State No. 1 : Hawaii

Aloha! Who wouldn’t want to live in such a beautifully crafted island? With the highest score in physical and emotional health, we’d definitely take up the invite from a long lost Hawaiian uncle to go live with him.

This is another reason we chose Hawaii for this year’s Awesomeness Fest. Last year it was in Costa Rica, the happiest nation on the planet. This year we picked the happiest state in the US :)


Happy State No. 2: North Dakota

According to North Dakotans, its the friendly folks that keep ’em lovin’ the Midwest. With a strong caring community, it’s really hard to feel lonely in this Peace Garden State.

Happy State No. 3: Alaska

When we think Alaska we’re thinking brrrr! But you know it IS a beautiful place. Known as The Last Frontier, we’ll probably be retiring there for an endless view of mountains and perhaps…bears?


Happy State No. 4: Nebraska

Located on the Great Plains of Midwest USA, their motto speaks for “Equality Before Law” so its no wonder their peeps are feelin’ the love in this farmers and ranchers state.


Happy State No. 5: Minnesota

This North Star State is known as the center of Scandinavian American culture. And with Scandinavian countries recognized for great living conditions, we might consider packin’ our bags to Minnesota. ;)


Happy State No. 6: Colorado

Ah, the Rockies. It’s a great hideout if you’re looking to unite with nature. They’ve got mountains, forests, high plains, mesas, canyons, plateaus, rivers, and even desert lands. What more could you nature lovers want?

We’d like to give an honorable mention to the fourty-four States that didn’t make this list. In all seriousness, it’s not this poll that counts. It’s YOUR happiness, wherever it may be. But if you could choose to visit any of these States, where would you go? Share your answers with us below…

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