The Gabriel Code - Is Weight Loss “Mind Over Matter”?

Author Jon Gabriel has an unusual weight loss story. Jon lost 220 pounds in two years without any diets, any workout plans, any medications or any surgeries. And thousands of others have used this method and achieved amazing results.

If you’ve been reading FinerMinds for a while, you will know that we’ve always been purveyors of healthy eating and incorporating some physical activity or exercise into our lifestyles, but never a specific diet program or workout timeline. We believe in the importance of having a balanced mind and a positive mentality.

Which brings to us to why the Gabriel Code, as the method is called, has won our interest.

“What if the truth about weight loss has nothing to do with diets and exercises?” – Jon Gabriel

What Jon realised two years ago was that the body has nine specific Fat Triggers which are sabotaging a person’s weight loss; and it doesn’t matter if you’ve hit a dangerous spot on your BMI scale or if you are just someone who’s unhappy with the extra pounds here or there.

When activated, these Fat Triggers cause your body to go into fat storage mode. As the human body is programmed to survive, this is one of its cues to jump into the panic room. Like the paranoid man who stocks up years worth of canned food in his basement in case of a zombie attack, your body switches off its ability to burn fat and decides to hold on to everything – and we mean everything!

What are these Fat Triggers?

The interesting part is – a lot of them are either caused by or directly linked to the state of mind. This is what drew one of our eyebrows up in curiosity… the bit where Jon says that it’s not about willpower or discipline and brushes off the “what you eat” lecture. Instead, he moves on to asking you “what’s going on inside there?”.

These triggers could be the stress from your lifestyle, your limiting beliefs, an emotional trauma or the after effect of previous diets you tried to commit to (yes – the “going on a diet makes you fat” oxymoron applies here).

As the first step to the Gabriel Code, Jon requires you to take a quiz that will narrow down your primary and secondary Fat Triggers and explain (or rather – remind and embed into your conscience) how and why they are stopping you from losing weight or shaping yourself into the figure you want.

So how do you switch off and de-activate your Fat Triggers? It’s a method that Jon will reveal in an online broadcast – a broadcast accessible for anyone who has taken the quiz and reserves their complimentary spot for this online session.

One of our writers has decided to take on the Gabriel Code to challenge herself and hold Jon to his word, by experiencing and consistently journaling her progress and results in real time, together with thousands of others who will be following the program.

Read her story and find out what her Fat Triggers are here, and let’s see if a mind-based weight loss method is really the key to transformation for anyone who is unhappy with their body!

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