Summer is just around the corner. While many claim it’s their favorite time of the year, for some, it is a challenging season to enthusiastically join in on the festivities with everyone else. If you are struggling to lose excess weight, the thought of going on a beach holiday and being surrounded by skimpy sundresses or shirtless men can bring absolute misery – and we don’t blame you.

Welcome to the FinerMinds Body Confidence Challenge.

FinerMinds is looking for three special people who want to lose weight the enlightened way.

Forget diets, pills and grueling exercise routines. If that stuff worked, you’d already be feeling body confident.

Instead, we’re looking for people who want to trim down, and most importantly, get healthy – with the power of the mind.

FinerMinds Body Confidence Challenge

Impossible, you say? Meet Jon Gabriel:

That’s Jon in 2001.

Over the past few years, Jon has explored the subject of biochemistry and discovered some remarkable truths about the human body and why we get fat.

Truths that are transforming what most of us know about losing weight.


The key, according to Jon, is using a mind-body approach focusing on visualization to eliminate 9 hidden ‘Fat Triggers’ that trick our bodies into WANTING to be fat.

FinerMinds Body Confidence ChallengeYes, you read that right.

Jon has used this approach to lose a massive 220 pounds in 2 1/2 years – with no dieting, grueling exercise or surgery.

He’s helped over 350,000 people worldwide lose weight with his method.

He’s written a bestselling book called The Gabriel Method.

He was featured on the recent documentary Hungry for Change.

And he’s been interviewed on multiple TV and radio shows across the world.

Jon Gabriel is now coming to FinerMinds.

On May 7 – 9 in San Diego, we’ll be recording an online broadcast with Jon where he’ll reveal his remarkable weight loss method.

But the cherry on top is this:

We’ll also be offering three lucky FinerMinds friends the chance to join the broadcast, and get personalized weight loss coaching by Jon himself.

Just a few hours with Jon can completely transform people. They don’t lose weight instantly of course (that would be a little scary) – but Jon has perfected a method for looking into your life, and eliminating the hidden ‘Fat Triggers’ that are silently keeping you overweight.

The result is profound: healthy lasting weight loss in the weeks and months that follow.

  • Want to be that lucky person?
  • Want to be part of one of our biggest events of the year?
  • Want to look and feel body confident?

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Record a 3-minute video telling us your name, location, why you want to lose weight, and what weight loss solutions you’ve tried in the past. Be fun, be weird, show us your personality (and even THAT pair of jeans that you want to fit into)!

 2. Post the video on YouTube and title it ‘The FinerMinds Body Confidence Challenge’ (You can make your video private so that only individuals with the link can view it).

 3. Email your YouTube video to with the subject title: ‘The FM Body Confidence Challenge – YOUR NAME‘.

Oh, and here are a few things you need to know:

* You don’t have forever. Submissions are open from now to midnight on April 30th.

* If you win, we’ll cover your coaching cost with Jon – but you’ll be responsible for your own travel and accommodation. So bear in mind your flight ticket could cost a lot if you’re coming from another state or country.

* This is an online broadcast, which means your story will go public. If you’re taking part, we need you to be okay with that.

* This is an awesome opportunity to get FREE coaching from one of the world’s top weight loss experts. But we cannot be held responsible for anything that occurs as a result of the slimmer sexier you, like uncomfortably long stares from members of the opposite sex.

FM body confidence challenge
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