Meet Jon Gabriel.

Like many, Jon tried various diets and exercise regimes but still couldn’t shift that excess weight.

Frustrated, he began to look beyond the treadmill and decided to research the root cause of his weight battle… what he found was astonishing.

The human body has nine different fat triggers, which when activated, secretly sabotage conventional weight loss methods from working.

Fortunately, Jon’s research also helped him unearth a way to “switch off” these fat triggers.

In doing so, Jon has since lost 220 pounds in two-and-a-half years – with no diets, exercise, pills or surgery – and has gone on to become a body transformation pioneer.

Intrigued to learn how you can too? Watch the video above to hear Jon explain more about our “fat triggers,” and then take the free 3-minute test to learn what your primary fat trigger is. Like the video? Tell us what you think of Jon’s approach to weight loss below.

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