Get Into Your Power PostureHi there! Keep reading to find out more about Part 13 in our FinerMinds 19-Part Series on Becoming Just Awesome. This week is all about Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Body.

Most of us live our lives in our heads. We’re either thinking about the past or the future. It begs the question: Are we really living or are we thinking about living? Rarely do we live in the present moment – truly aware of ourselves and others in time and space, conscious of our current surroundings. We’re such ‘head’ creatures that we utterly forget about our bodies, how they’re operating, as well as what is happening around us right now.

Our bodies also say a lot about us. It only takes us a few seconds to register whether a person is shy or confident by the way they’re standing. In certain instances, researchers report that body language accounts for a whopping 55% of communication. Surprisingly, what is said only counts for a minuscule 7%.

Our bodies are a window into how we’re feeling. Be present and notice your breath. If you’re calm, cool and collected, chances are your breathing is steady and even. If you’re anxious and stressed you’ll have short breaths where you’ll inhale quickly. The depressed person will often have long exhalations.

The importance of the body cannot be underestimated. You can use your body to help influence the mind.

Do the following exercise: Take a warrior stance – feet placed firmly, chest and head up, arms strong but relaxed at your side, and smile pleasantly. Now say, “I’m so sad.” The second step is to take a depressed posture and frown. Now say, “I’m very strong.”

What happened? Chances are you don’t feel sad or weak (even if you’re verbally expressing it) when you’re standing strong. I’d also guess that you don’t feel particularly confident when you’re body is projecting weakness, even if your words say otherwise.

This is the power of the body.

Your body is a hugely important instrument in helping you increase your confidence, wellness and success, but one that is not focused on enough. We read and read and read in order to improve ourselves, but it’s time to recognize your body in the development process.

Any physical activity, whether yoga, martial arts, breathing exercises or dance, will help you become more aware of your body – your muscles, how your body moves in space, how it feels when it’s tensed or relaxed. Increased body awareness also helps to bring you into the present moment.

As you become more aware of your body, you can monitor your posture and body language to help you reach your personal and professional goals. You might be wondering how posture and professional goals go together. Well, posture has actually been described as a leadership skill, as you’ll find out in the following video.

Watch This 3 Minute Video to Discover Your Power Posture


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