Improving depression without drugsWe live in a society where we’ve become very dependent on prescription drugs for not only physical illnesses, but for our mental health too. While the aid of medication is important when treating severe illnesses, there are many things we can do to improve our mental health and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression before we turn to prescription medication.

In the article, 10 Ways to Improve Depression and Anxiety Without Meds, Sheenie Ambardar, M.D General Adult Psychiatrist, explains some of the alternative methods to relieve anxiety and depression, or if you have low self-esteem and lack confidence.

One of our favorite suggestions (as it’s very relevant in this day and age) is limiting the time you spend on social media sites, particularly if you’ve got onto a habit of “stalking” other people’s profiles, using them as a benchmark to grade your own life and worth.

“..when Facebook is used to keep constant tabs on others or to promote a certain self-image, it can lead to an unconscious need to compare ourselves to everyone in our social network. This frequently leads to jealousy, insecurity, misplaced feelings of superiority or alternatively, feelings of inadequacy.”

Another great suggestion in the article is to pick a goal. It can be a very small goal, like going for a walk everyday, however it will give you a focus and some direction, and make you feeling like you can achieve some of your bigger goals and dreams.

“A life spent wandering aimlessly and without purpose creates a sense of unease and frustration, contributing significantly to feelings of depression and anxiety.”

These are just some of the tips outlined in the article, however all of them are very positive and practical suggestions that anyone can implement into their life.

We all get anxious or experience low periods during our lives, therefore reaching out and taking action during these periods of uncertainty is incredibly important. If you have a natural remedy which helps you feel better and move to a happier, healthier place, please share it below.

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