Wow. This is interesting. Medical students are beginning to challenge the norms of the medicine world. They’re interested in learning integrative ways of healing people. And this study is called Integrative Medicine. It’s a course which recognizes that the improvement of one’s health depends strongly on four powerful influences in our lives – relationship, diet and lifestyle, a healthy environment and detoxification.

And according to an interview with Dr. Mary P. Guererra from University of Connecticut (via Huffington Post), “more and more students are interested in integrative medicine — that’s clear. There is greater awareness in the world-at-large. With that, students are coming to medical school already aware of what it is.” So instead of your usual pill prescription, these students are spending their time studying other healing methods which can be proved effective for the medical world.

This awesome study can change the current ways of the medical world. It opens our minds to the fact that there’s more in healing than providing a prescription. It can even potentially stop the big pharma guys from selling us pills we don’t actually need. But we’ll let a doctor fill you in more on the importance of this method. Check out this vid to get the scoop on Integrative Medicine…

So here’s a thought for the day. Can Integrative Medicine enter mainstream medicine? Share your thoughts with us below.

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