Did you know that the health and physique you desire and deserve may be being compromised through no fault of your own?

We were recently confronted with the harsh realities that came with the answers to this question when we watched the hard-hitting film, Hungry for Change.

The film uncovers the shocking secrets of the food industry and exposes the truth of what we’re really eating and how it may be harming our bodies.

Our very own Jon Gabriel (pioneer of the Gabriel Code) who completely transformed his body through his mind-body approach also appears in the film – so check it out to learn how you can take your health back into your own hands and live a more vibrant and full life.

As a taster, read the below Hungry for Change 10 Step Action Plan to learn which natural foods you should be adding to your diet (such as chia seeds, parsley, fresh fruits and cultured foods) and more importantly – the foods you should be excluding.

Print it out and put it on your fridge (just click on the image below to download an enlarged version) as a daily reminder of how you can beautify your body – inside and out!

If there are any additional natural and detoxifying foods you’ve added to your diet that have made a difference to your health, please share them below.

Hungry for change

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