Herbs That Will Spice Up Your Life... Sexually.

So…herbs that spice up your sex life. Give your evening play a little extra seasoning. Brew a special cup of hot lovin’ before you retreat to the bedroom.

Okay, enough with the cheesy puns and back to serious business. We’ve been giving sex a little more attention these past few weeks – from introducing Tantra into your relationship and even the possibility of a full body orgasm. While we’ve explored the spiritual, emotional and physical elements of lovemaking, perhaps we’ve been neglecting some inside out nourishing.

Sexual dysfunction is a common issue for men and women worldwide, and perhaps it’s time we highlighted some ingredients we can consume to increase our sex drives and our libidos. It’s time we tend to our pantry to help us regain (or gain more) confidence and pleasure in the bedroom!

We’re not talking any miracle pills. And we’ve all heard of the magic that chocolate can do. But an answer to better sex may lie in the vegetable aisle at your supermarket. Plants and herbs don’t just provide great alternatives to illnesses; they also make your sexual desire blossom (ok last wordplay, promise). Here are four that we selected to be on our next shopping list.

Herbs That Will Spice Up Your Life... Sexually.

1. Ginkgo Biloba

Great sexual heights and good blood flow should always hold hands. This herb, which has been used for many centuries in China and Japan for numerous health reasons, increases circulation without increasing blood pressure (hurrah), which is also great for men who experience erectile problems. But Ginkgo Biloba aids both men and women, as increased blood flow means extra sensitivity and sensation.

However, this herb should not be taken too regularly and may cause allergic reactions to some, so consume and apply with caution, and seek medical advice if you are unsure.

Herbs That Will Spice Up Your Life... Sexually.

2. Maca (Peruvian Ginseng)

Discovery Fit & Health has reported that Maca, an annual plant which grows in the high-altitude areas of Peru, has been extracted and used by the legendary tribes of the Incan empire way back in time to “increase strength, energy, stamina, libido and sexual function”.

Apparently Incan soldiers used to consume Maca before they went for battle, but were also known to take it (together with their wives) to add fire into the marital bed. The good news is – you don’t have to trek the Inca trail or hike up Peruvian mountains to acquire the herb – today they are available as supplements across the USA, Europe and Japan.

Herbs That Will Spice Up Your Life... Sexually.

3. Ashwaghanda

While Maca is the ancient sexual gatorade, this Ayurvedic medicine (also known as Indian ginseng and winter cherry) doesn’t just up your sexual energy, it also reduces stress and helps to increases sperm count and produce more sex hormones (for men and women). According to the Medicine Hunter, it is India’s most potent plant, prescribed to adults with low libido and a lack of sexual function, and is even dubbed “King of the Herbs” for its sex-enhancing properties and rich content of alkaloids.

As it’s one of the most widely produced herbs in India, Ashwagandha has also bedecked the shelves of the US and various countries in the form of a supplement or powdered root. Check with your pharmacist or doctor on the right dosage for you!

Herbs That Will Spice Up Your Life... Sexually.

4. Vanilla

That’s right – it’s not just Chocolate’s sidekick – it’s a superstar all on its own. Though vanilla’s reputation has been tainted thanks to the phrase “Vanilla Sex”, which attributes to conventional sexual behaviour (e.g. the missionary position), the sweet and aromatic spice has a rich sexual history. It has been banned by Puritans for its sexually stimulating qualities, and the origin of its word is Latin for “little vagina”.

Vanilla was an ingredient recommended by physicians and alchemists in the 1700s to boost male potency and change men “into astonishing lovers”. In the 1800s, a Dr. John King in America even swore by vanilla as the key to “stimulate the sexual propensities”.

What herbs or foods have you tried to increase your sexual drive? Would you be willing to add these ingredients into your diet to add some excitement to your flow and boost your libido?


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