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September 2011 - Plateau Hits

September 2011 – Plateau Hits


I’ve been writing for FinerMinds for several months now, and when I first heard that Mindvalley was publishing weight loss author Jon Gabriel, I have to admit, I was curious – mind-based dieting?

I believe it’s safe to assume that most of you out there have either experienced or heard of weight loss programs, diets and exercises. So I’ll get straight to it.

My Background (in weight loss, that is)

Everyone has issues with their bodies, and I’m just the same. Writing for FinerMinds means that I do come across a number of fascinating personal growth products but nothing appealed to me as much as the words “Fat Triggers Test” from Jon Gabriel. Something inside me told me to take this on and tackle my dieting demons. Call it divine timing, or call it what you will, I need to do this for me and what better way for me to keep motivated and stick to the plan than documenting my journey before you (luckily the Editor agreed!).

For 10 years I have struggled with my weight and my fitness. I’ve tried numerous diets, workout plans, supplements, drinks and I even went to slimming centers. But a previous career in the media and mad working hours meant a lack of sleep, irregular meals, junk food and very little exercise – I pretty much broke all the “no-no’s” of fitness.

Then after changing some habits (in a nutshell – having breakfast, quitting smoking, better sleeping hours, drinking more water and introducing exercise into my life), I managed to drop 33 pounds over a-year-and-a-half. That sounds like a lot now, but if you had told me it would take so long I would have probably opted for a crash diet instead.

But now the weight has stopped dropping. I’ve hit a plateau… I think. Sure, I’m a happier person now and I’m more comfortable with my body, but at 143 pounds, I still haven’t reached my goal and yeah – I’m a little fed-up.

My Goal

What’s my goal? For starters, I live to eat, not the other way around. And I’m determined that there’s a way for me to love myself and enjoy life without being a miserable food nibbler or a self-conscious female for the rest of my life. So… this may mean 10, 15, 20 – perhaps even zero pounds – more to lose. Who knows?

In the Fat Triggers Test, Jon Gabriel asks the following – What if your body secretly wants to be fat? What if the truth about weight loss has nothing to do with diets and exercises?

No diet? Fat triggers? Sounds like a challenge (and a possible answer) to me. So I’ve decided to give it a try for myself.

My Gabriel Code

I’ve taken the 3-minute Fat Triggers test, the first step to The Gabriel Code, and my top three Fat Triggers out of nine were: Chronic DietingLifestyle Stress and Inadequate Nutrition (that’s already a lot to digest…).

This may read as an easy decision, but trust me – it’s nerve-wrecking. So look out for my entries… and bear with me as I experience this – I’m going to journal my honest findings and commit to sharing my progress results with you readers as I go along the program (this includes journal entries and *gulp* photos).

What’s next? Jon Gabriel is holding an online broadcast on Wednesday so I am going to participate and see what’s on offer for me and my body.

I will update you all after the broadcast, until then though let’s share thoughts on the Fat Triggers below. Did anyone else get the same Fat Triggers as me? If you haven’t found out your Fat Triggers yet, take 3-minutes to do it now.


Tania is currently testing out the Gabriel Code Body Transformation Journey, a 6-week course designed by Jon Gabriel, creator of the revolutionary mind-based weight loss program The Gabriel Method. Read her other journal entries on her personal journey towards reprogramming her body for healthy weight loss here.


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