My Gabriel Code Journal: My New Weight Loss ParadigmIn the past it had always been about the numbers – the pounds lost, the inches shed and the calories reduced. I used to think that I was detail oriented about weight loss, but I had been focusing on the wrong details all along. It wasn’t the numbers that made up the big picture; it was changing “my normal”.

This isn’t a phrase coined by Jon Gabriel, but a question my friend had asked me last week over dinner. “ Never mind the course, but what’s your normal now?” he had asked as I was telling him about how stressful it was to lose weight.

To me, my experience for the past six weeks with the Gabriel Code Body Transformation Journey had been about that – reprogramming my mind to be stronger so that I can change what normal means to my lifestyle. Normal used to be fighting sugar cravings, dreading a workout, getting little sleep, not knowing what and how to eat and having little understanding of what really happens inside my body once I’ve eaten something.

Now, my normal has changed. I wouldn’t call myself an overnight success, but it’s like I finally had my eyes lazered and am able to start perceiving my world a little more clearly. For instance:

  • I am better at reading my body’s feedback. I know when to stop instead of stuffing myself silly out of hunger, and I can actually tell when my body approves or disapproves of what I’m taking in.
  • My sugar cravings have decreased. The habit still persists sometimes, but it’s much easier to ignore it now or limit my intake.
  • I finally, genuinely, enjoy salads. I used to be very picky with salads before as I always needed something to add flavor to it or “filter” the greenness of it, but now I actually enjoy them.
  • Water is my all-purpose cleaner. I hardly drink anything else unless it’s my morning coffee or the occasional tea. The downside is – I take many toilet breaks, but that’s a good sign that I’m flushing my toxins out.
  • I ask a lot of questions. A lot. I’ve become that person that studies the packaging at supermarkets and takes time to inquire on the supplements and ingredients I purchase.
  • My mood swings are seldom and quick. I’m not a constant happy pill; I still have to make room for cloudy weather like any other human being. But they leave as soon as they come, and I’ve learned not to immerse myself in it.
  • I feel terrible if I go for days without any exercise. By terrible I don’t mean guilt. I’m talking about that lethargic, yucky feeling comparable to not getting enough sleep. And speaking of which…
  • I fall asleep much easier, thanks to Jon’s visualization tracks.

So you can say that the program has been life changing in its own way.

For his final live session to wrap up the six-week program, Jon addressed the inevitable mind-body connection in weight loss, and how our minds can tangibly affect our physical world. As an example, he brought up one case that was also a favorite of author Christie Marie Sheldon in Love Or Above: Dr. Masaru Emoto’s study of molecular shapes of water crystals.

In his study, he proved that our thoughts, feelings and even intentions can change the molecular shapes of water crystals. Drawing on that conclusion, we can therefore deduce that our mind has the power to affect the matter of our actions and outcomes.

He also cited the concept of ‘energy channels’, an ancient Chinese belief that claims that humans have energy channels through which our life force circulates, just as we have a blood circulatory system. And when our energy channels are blocked by negative thoughts and emotions, we become weak, devitalized, irritable and uninspired and we crave unhealthy foods.

Combining Dr. Emoto’s deduction and the concept of energy channels, imagine how negative emotions can affect the molecular structure of our water. We are comprised of 70% water after all!

The secret to vitality is having positive energy and having a working energy channel,” said Jon. The downlow is: our thoughts have the power to heal ourselves, open up our energy channels to give us boundless health and vitality, deepen our intuition and even manifest success.

And the visualization tracks provided by the Gabriel Code for the past six weeks have been designed to empower my mind. “The more powerful your mind, the more effective you will be at life and at losing weight.”

So here I am, not fifteen nor ten pounds lighter, but rest assured that will happen naturally once I’ve fully adapted my new normal; my new paradigm at looking at life. And that’s not necessarily to become a dogmatic health freak that will never eat a birthday cake for the rest of my life. But more of a conscious eater who adds the right foods and mentality into my lifestyle, in order to have the body and life I want.

Tania has tested the Gabriel Code Body Transformation Journey, a 6-week course designed by Jon Gabriel, creator of the revolutionary mind-based weight loss program The Gabriel Method. Read her other journal entries on her personal journey towards reprogramming her body for healthy weight loss here.


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