Get Thin or Get Eaten

If I could take away only one thing from Jon’s latest session, is that being chased by a mad dog can help you lose a tremendous amount of weight.

I’m about to approach my final week with the Gabriel Code. In the past five weeks, Jon has helped me eliminate my fat triggers one by one as I learned to understand how they worked inside me and against me. I wouldn’t say they are gone completely, but the signs have been apparent, and I can feel my body’s shifting its mentality (I’ve decided that my body has a mind on its own) into restoring its fat-burning abilities again.

I’ve only lost a few pounds, but I’m certain that with the new improvements in my habits and my lifestyle, the shed will be a gradual, continuous and natural one.

So anyway, in Week 5, Jon finally brought up the dreaded word that comes with every weight loss program – exercise.

I had been waiting for this moment. In the same way a reality contestant anticipates the “but” in a comment from the judges. The truth is, while I can be a natural excuse-generator as much as the next girl when it comes to the activity, I happen to be a great believer in exercise. So there was no way I could’ve sworn by this program 100% if it had eliminated movement.

But… Jon is a supporter of exercising right. And right, to him, is whatever that can activate your body’s Get Thin or Get Eaten adaptation mode.

The Get Thin or Get Eaten adaption, or GTGE, is a state he describes as when our body advances from “not needing to be fat” to “need to be thin”. Mind you, we’re not talking thin in the manner of starving size 0s here – by thin, Jon means lean and fit.

Thousands of years ago, if the cruel of winter and lack of food supply weren’t enough, we also had to deal with predators. Predators that would chase us down and kill us and eat us if we weren’t fast enough to escape.

It’s stressful, yes. But it’s the kind of stress that makes your body sensitive to insulin and leptin (that’s the hormone that’s in charge of your body weight) and speeds up your metabolism. Because your body acknowledges that you need to be thin in order to run faster.

Hence, an exercise that has intensity, that is conducted in short bursts, or to be specific – that pretty much mimics you being chased by a lion – is the right kind of exercise to activate your GTGE. Jon made the connection after an incident when, frustrated from a plateau, he got chased by a dog and had to sprint for over a kilometer. Two weeks later, he found that he had lost a tremendous amount of weight.

It sounds a little crazy. Actually, it sounds very crazy. But I remember a few times when I would imagine a shark about to be released into the swimming pool as I was doing my laps, just so I could get my heart rate up faster and get my arms paddling stronger. Or how I used to pretend that there was a zombie chasing me when I had to train for a run and had gotten bored of the park…

Don’t judge me.

Believe it or not, these wild rushes of adrenaline and “stressful” situations actually lower your stress and cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. It helps to reverse your insulin resistance, stabilize your blood sugar level and increase your metabolism – ultimately regaining your body’s ability to burn fat. Come to think of it, it’s rare that you see thrill-seeking extreme sports addict having a weight problem.

“Exercise smart,” urges Jon, instead of over exercising. In the same way you can experience a burnout at work, spending long hours overexerting your body will also cause your stress levels to elevate, therefore activating your fat triggers. Plenty of exercise programs have turned to short high intensity workouts that prove to burn fat faster than traditional routines.

But we all know how much a lot of us hate exercising. “Reconnect with the joy of being physical and make it sustainable,” suggested Jon. Be it walking, running, swimming, dancing, surfing, boxing or even playing the Frisbee, find an activity that rests with you… and just throw in a few minutes of intensity.

To top it off – Jon even recommends visualizing a predator chasing you to hurry your GTGE mode along.

I feel much better about my strange imagination now.

Only one more week to go!

Tania is currently testing out the Gabriel Code Body Transformation Journey, a 6-week course designed by Jon Gabriel, creator of the revolutionary mind-based weight loss program The Gabriel Method. Read her other journal entries on her personal journey towards reprogramming her body for healthy weight loss here.

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