My Gabriel Code Journal: One Week Down, Five More To Go

At the Mindvalley Headquarters, where no shoes are allowed :)

I completed my first week with the Gabriel Code Body Transformation Journey, and the past seven days have been both an easy stroll and overwhelming experience at the same time.

Let me be honest with you. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the uniqueness of this program – losing weight through some visualization exercises and applying some little habits to my daily routine. Though Jon’s method has worked for thousands, there’s still a little part of me that is resisting the idea of something this simple working for me.

But more on that later. In my previous post,  I included the checklist provided to keep us disciplined in Week 1. Here’s what awaits me in Week 2:

My Gabriel Code Journal: One Week Down, Five To Go

Together with the checklist is also a list of foods that Jon recommended we add to our trolley. For instance, stevia and coconut palm sugar (to substitute normal sugar); organic grass-fed or free range meat and fresh wheatgrass juice. Basically, Jon stands by foods that are not processed and loaded with chemical additives and preservatives, and firmly believes in the importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Protein and Live Food in your diet.

Back to my easy yet overwhelming first week. I have a confession to make.

I’ve been working long hours, which means that I hardly have time to cook. So aside from the squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of flax seeds into my meals; I don’t even buy groceries anymore. And I haven’t been the best nourisher of myself. Sometimes I forget to eat until it’s too late that I end up grabbing whatever I can get. Not that I would substitute dinner with McDonald’s or a Nutella sandwich.

Often, my deadlines last me right up till bedtime. When I wake up in the morning, I would usually be tired and in a rush to get leave for work. This concerns me as I fear I’m probably not concentrating enough on my morning and evening visualization exercises.

Anyway, last Thursday evening, Jon held a live group coaching session where he took a dozen or so calls from customers worldwide. A majority of the callers are experiencing serious health issues and are on medication, concerned that the program wouldn’t work together with what their doctors have prescribed. A few of these callers have also been diagnosed with depression or are bipolar.

This shut me up about my woes for a while.

I did however reside with one caller who had trouble visualizing the descriptions Jon would narrate in his morning and evening audio tracks. Particularly the part where he asked us to imagine our perfect, ideal shape.

Jon assured both of us by saying that it didn’t matter if we had trouble following or reaching full focus during our exercises, because it was also designed to communicate with our subconscious. The most important thing is that we stick to these visualization sessions as that’s the most important feature of the Gabriel Code, one that would govern the effectiveness of the program.

That answer comforts me somewhat, because my mind still whizzes with daily tasks and checklists during some of my visualization sessions.

But having said all of the above, I’m not saying that my week hasn’t been productive. I am still at my original weight, but I have noticed changes in my cravings. I no longer reach for sugar or junk food to fill my random hunger pangs; in fact I no longer have random hunger pangs.

I also seem to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for long – a vast improvement since I usually take ages to doze off and would awake if my neighbor turned in his bed.

So for now, I’m just going to stick to my visualization sessions and try harder to pick up everything else on Jon’s checklist. Wish me luck.

On to Week 2!

Tania is currently testing out the Gabriel Code Body Transformation Journey, a 6-week course designed by Jon Gabriel, creator of the revolutionary mind-based weight loss program The Gabriel Method. Read her other journal entries on her personal journey towards reprogramming her body for healthy weight loss here.

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