My Gabriel Code Journal: My First Live Lesson With Jon

So begins my Gabriel Code Body Transformation Journey, with my first live lesson with Jon Gabriel as he dug deeper into the core of his program, which is to understand – Why Would Your Body Want To Be Fat?

In recent years, I’ve started to see my body as a different person – like someone I had to befriend and cooperate with. I realized that by understanding exactly how my body worked – how it reacts, how it decides and how it organizes itself – I was more responsible over my actions towards it. Towards myself, basically.

So to question “Why Would Your Body Want To Be Fat” doesn’t come as a strange concept to me. It’s the same basis as analyzing a depressed or emotionally handicapped person instead of hard-stamping him or her CRAZY. So let’s not subject ourselves to electrification and locking ourselves up inside a padded room to starve until we lose twenty pounds; let’s ask our bodies why.

I won’t launch into the full transcript of Jon’s lesson (he spoke for an hour – an hour of good knowledge, mind you), but I will draw attention to two important lessons that I insist you take away from this post.

Lesson 1: Stress is Crazy “Worrywarting”

I’ve mostly viewed stress as the irresistible cue to overdramatize and overreact to everything, as let’s admit, it can be very pressing to one’s behavior, but I tend to forget that stress is a physical hazard.

Like a mom who constantly hovers over you, anything perceived by the body to be potentially harmful in anyway triggers the stress alarm.

“Our bodies are trying to keep us safe,” says Jon. “We’ve been able to populate every different type of living environment because our bodies are brilliantly designed to adapt to stress and adapt to our living environments. When a stress is applied to our bodies, our bodies adapt so as to make the stress less stressful. This is called the General Adaptation Syndrome.”

This is also demonstrated in how our skin reacts to the sun. Too much sun causes our body to stress and produce melanin that makes our skin darker so that we don’t absorb extra ultraviolet rays. But in the winter, when your skin doesn’t get enough sun, your body makes your skin lighter so that it does absorb enough rays.

But how does stress relate to weight gain and failed weight loss?

Lesson 2: Fat is A Dutiful But Sometimes Blind Knight

Forgive my medieval reference, but current politics don’t offer metaphors on loyalty accurately enough. You see, fat is a “Protection Mechanism”. It is designed to “protect you from famine and cold weather”. Hence the FAT Programs – Fat And Temperature Programs, to be exact.

Ages ago, stresses came in the form of “being cold and hungry”, conditions of which put your body under the impression that it could starve or freeze to death. This makes you hungrier, slows down metabolism, activates perpetual fat storage mode and makes you crave more fattening foods.

But I live in a tropical climate where it’s summer all year long, so where’s the sense in this unfairness?

We may not have the same environments as we did before, but we still have stress factors that trick our bodies into activating these Fat Programs.

According to Jon’s notes – “In modern day all you can eat, excess empty calorie, carbohydrate type food; it’s how you get to obesity. A mental, emotional, physical or environmental stress activates the FAT programs, causing you to eat.”

The stress remains regardless of how much you eat, and as today the stress isn’t a famine, your body doesn’t know that gaining weight doesn’t solve the problem. So it continues to try and adapt.

To summarize, our body gains weight not ultimately due to laziness or because we overeat, but because it’s trying to adapt to a stress. And fighting our bodies and its instincts with short term solutions won’t do the trick. Instead, we need to understand our body and learn to work with it.

For now, together with an album of visualization tracks for us to use throughout the day, Jon has given us a checklist to abide by this week.

My Gabriel Code Journal: My First Live Lesson With Jon

I tried the evening visualization exercise last night for the first time, which pretty much required me to lie down before bedtime and listen to Jon’s voice as he wraps up the day and prepares me for the next morning.

I fell asleep in 15 minutes – not that this is a bad thing! Jon assures that it was designed to lull listeners into sleepiness (if not sleep). Perhaps by letting the audio play on, our brains are secretly listening on? I don’t know for sure, but I haven’t had any cravings today.

Our second appointment with Jon takes place this evening for a Group Coaching session, where we get to raise any questions or concerns with Jon himself. So I’ll be posting results from that hour, as well as reveal some of the items Jon has put on our grocery list next!


Tania is currently testing out the Gabriel Code Body Transformation Journey, a 6-week course designed by Jon Gabriel, creator of the revolutionary mind-based weight loss program The Gabriel Method. Read her other journal entries on her personal journey towards reprogramming her body for healthy weight loss here.

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