Wasn’t having better sex one of your New Year resolutions? What if we told you that there was a natural and relaxing way you can improve your sex life, which you can practice in the comfort of your home right now? Still listening?

A recent study has revealed that sexually unsatisfied women who practiced Yoga and mindfulness techniques improved levels of arousal and desire, and had better orgasms. A study of a sample of men also found similar Yoga techniques were as effective in preventing pre-mature ejaculation compared to pharmacological treatments such as Prozac.

For Years, Eastern practices such as Yoga have been touted to have many positive sexual benefits, with many techniques originating from the Kama Sutra of the fourth to sixth centuries. By focusing the mind, a greater level of awareness and concentration on the present moment is achieved, and thus sexual experiences become more vivid and intense.

Practicing naturally available techniques such as Yoga and other mindfulness techniques are fun and will provide your body and mind with greater levels of physical and mental flexibility.

Whose sex life couldn’t benefit from a little mental and physical flexibility?

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