31 Healthy FoodsWe all know that eating a variety of foods – while leaning more toward the fruit and veggie side of things – will keep the mind, body and soul happy (well, more specifically, the body).

However, with so much conflicting advice out there, not to mention confusing nutritional labels, it can be exhausting trying to figure out exactly which items we should be filling up our food baskets with.

Fortunately, Time Health & Family has taken the guesswork out for us by publishing a guide revealing the 31 healthiest foods of all time (which even includes accompanying recipes).

And with variety being the spice of life, we were happy to see that the list has many of our favorite foods on it, such as broccoli and salmon, but that it also contains a pinch of chocolate and a drop of wine too!

To find out which foods you should be adding to your shopping list, read the full article here.

Is there a “wonder food” regularly stocked in your kitchen that is not on the list? Please share what it is with us below.

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