Turning problems to blessingsConsider for a moment the possibility that all your problems are really blessings in disguise. How would this idea transform the way you view and tackle your difficulties?

I’m going to show you an easy to follow four-step system that will let you see a gift instead of a problem.

This system raises our energy from 0% when we are at the problem phase, to 100% when we recognize and live our problem as what it always was, a gift.

To begin, bring yourself to a very relaxed state of mind. A state conducive to trust and creativity. Ready? Lets start.

1.  See The Problem As A Challenge

When we are confronted by a problem our vision tends to narrow down, and all we can see is the difficulty at hand. Many times we focus excessively on the issue itself, instead of the solution, making the problem bigger than it really is.

Then the overall feeling of “I can’t” takes possession of our internal attitude, dropping our energy to 0%. At this point we cannot see a way out as our minds become riddled with thoughts like “I can’t deal with this” and “I don’t know what to do.”

However, where there’s a problem, there’s also a solution, and you have the wisdom and ability to find it.

If you think of the situation as being a problem that’s all you’ll have, a problem. The key is to shift your perception, and think of the situation as a challenge instead.

As soon as you do this, all of the sudden the thought of “I can’t” gives way to “maybe I can” which gets you ready for step two.

2.  Turn The Challenge Into A Blessing

This is a major step in turning a problem into a blessing. A challenge gets your creative wheels spinning.

Viewing a problem as a challenge also changes your attitude towards it. A challenge takes the overwhelming voice in your head saying “I can’t” to “I can do this.” This new empowering feeling raises our energy up to 50%, enabling us to tackle any adversity with a renewed spirit, bringing thoughts such as “I can deal with this.”

The secret to making the transition from step one to step two is to ask yourself: “How can I turn this problem into a challenge?” The more relaxed you are the sooner the answer will come.

Step two is about using your inner and outer resources in order to move forward, prompting you into action. The minute you take action the problem disappears.

When you step up to the challenge in this way, you will quickly realize that the challenge has now transmuted itself into step three.

3.  See The Opportunity

Thanks to the challenge and how it got you thinking, you now have an opportunity to either serve others, start something, or transform yourself for the better.

Being at step three is wonderful, because it means that right now what you have in your hands is something favorable. That’s what an opportunity is: a favorable situation that provides you with a good chance for advancement or progress.

This naturally raises your energy to 75%. Your internal attitude towards the situation also shifts from “I can” to “I will.”

At this stage something miraculous starts taking place within us, we begin to feel grateful. This feeling of gratitude is the catalyst that transforms the problem into a blessing.

You feel grateful because now you realize, how you view a situation makes all the difference.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – Shakespeare (Hamlet)

Gratitude then transforms step three into step four.

4. Embrace Your Gift

You did it! Your energy is now soaring at 100%. All of your mental and spiritual energy is available to you. All of your creative power is at your disposal, and your internal dialogue has shifted from “I will” to an almighty “I am.”

This mindshift is a boundless space where you can rest your inner life amidst the chaos outside, which allows you to be more assertive in the ways you interact with others, and in the ways you respond to life’s transitions and obstacles.

Next time you face a problem remember to shift your perception, expand your awareness, step up to the challenge, embrace the opportunity and live the gift!

Start today, pick a problem and apply this technique, and let me know how it went. If you don’t have any problems, then you need to get yourself into some trouble first; it’s the only way you’re going to grow!

Do you have any further tips on how others can turn their problems into blessings? Tell us what takes you from 0% to 100% when you’re faced with a problem.

Jeffrey Crespo

Jeffrey Crespo

Jeffrey Crespo is an international speaker, meditation teacher, transformational coach, and yoga alliance recognized continuing education provider. For more than fifteen-years he’s been helping and teaching thousands of people from all over the world how to calm their mind and overcome obstacles, in order to realize their fullest potential and live an extraordinary and joyful life.

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