Many people spend years pondering the question “What is my life purpose?” For some it can be a lifelong journey to discover.

This is now such a common topic of discussion among people from all over the world and one can find thousands of pages of information online and in books with suggestions of growth and encouragement to help us on our path.

During this journey myself, at times I felt so isolated and discouraged as though I wasn’t getting clear fast enough and that others seemed to have it all figured out.

Instead what I discovered was that I wasn’t alone and each path can be so unique.

The 3 biggest misconceptions I discovered while sourcing out my own Life Purpose:

1)   My Life Purpose will hit me like a thunderbolt.

I read so many books and articles, took quizzes, challenges, and mediated for months in hopes that a light bulb would turn on and bells would ring when my life purpose suddenly came to me.

It didn’t. And it may never hit like a ton of bricks. In fact, most don’t have it occur that way.

Instead what many notice, is that a flicker of a small flame may light something inside and help move you to the next step. And with each step, that flame may get brighter and brighter, all leading you on the path to find your ultimate true purpose.

Pay attention to those flickering lights and notice when they start to fade. That may be a sign that a small change in direction is required.

2)   The more effort and focus I give it, the quicker it will reveal itself.

I found that the harder the tried, the less I observed. After all, what you resist persists, so I challenge you to allow yourself to go deeper into the stillness and silence and be patient and for it to surface on it’s own time.

If you can, stop thinking about it consciously and allow yourself to create an open awareness of what is happening around you.

It is through the waiting and allowing that I discovered the most significant parts of my life purpose.

3)   I only have one unique Life Purpose.

There could be many and it could be an evolution uncovered over the span of your life.

A Life Purpose may not even be obvious or what we think it might be.

As we grow in different areas of our life, we may feel a stronger unique calling in one particular area but notice that it changes with our relationships and interests.

What a purpose is at five years old can be very different then what it is at fifty. However all aspects of it may ultimately lead to one point.

The most important part is to realize who or what is of more value to you at this point in your life and how those values can contribute to your current purpose.

Today and right now is the most important part of your journey, so choose to live your life ON purpose and to make the journey part of your purpose.

Guide to Inspired Life