Getting Through The Tough TimesThere is no denying that times are changing fast and if we’re holding onto the past and trying to fit our old square self into the new formless ways of being, we are no doubt going to struggle. We live in an incredible Universe where our inner world is reflected into our outer world. If we need proof that the world is changing all we have to do is look at the weather patterns all over the world.

Yes – the tsunamis, earthquakes, crazy storm patterns, melting ice caps and so many other shifts in the weather are because Mother Nature is unhappy with our actions and is cleansing herself … But she is also reflecting to us the deep cleansing that we are growing through right now.

And like it or not, the more you try to hold onto the old and resist growing into your highest and best self right now, the harder these times are going to be for you.

The inspiration for this article arrived because I have been on a challenge to grow beyond where I am comfortable, release some unhealthy relationships in my life and step into unexplored territory with how I am showing up for my loved ones, self and work (and no joke, it’s challenging). The things in this list are what’s keeping me activated, inspired and moving forward in an upward spiral.  I hope they serve you in some way too. 

1)  Meditate Everyday

Meditation has been the saving grace for me over the years to keep balanced and grounded as my world is shaking up. If you feel anxiety with everything going on, all the more reason to create a practice of being with yourself at least 15-minutes per day.  Do it once, it’ll change your day.  Do it everyday, it’ll change your life.

2)  Eat Organic

Water is life. Food is life.  Eat what’s alive and thrive (I don’t recommend eating living animals though). You don’t have to go to extreme measures and switch to a complete raw food diet BUT in a sense, your body is what you eat.  Choose to eat foods that haven’t been sprayed with chemicals, boycott GMO (fake foods) and just listen to what your body truly wants. For the next 40 days I’m not eating any processed sugars (other than some fruit) because that’s what my body has asked for. 

3)  Be In Nature Everyday

The disconnection you may feel in yourself could possibly have something to do with your disconnection to the earth. She is our True Mother. Mama Earth is a living, breathing being and I believe she has the power to heal the impossible. Get out of the city and into nature as often as possible. Lay on the earth and breathe with her.  I personally take gifts like tobacco, flowers, food and water and give them to the earth in pure gratitude for my life and all she gives me. Your body is made from the earth and star dust – you are a miracle.

4)  Ask For Help

Find a life coach, councilor, teacher, healer or someone who will support you through your transition. Pay them money or find a fair exchange. Investing in what they offer is the energetic exchange that will motivate you to follow through and do the work on yourself.  If you don’t have a lot of money, you can sign up for a free online program or offer your services in equal exchange for their time. There is always a way to create win-wins.

5)  Being Of Service

Change starts within so be the best you possible. That’s a life-long journey, so in the meantime find one thing that you see as a problem or challenge in your community (or the world) and get involved. My purpose is to help people get grounded and clear on their purpose so they can have more fun in life. I do this through meditation workshops and spiritual adventures. I find that by serving a higher purpose, my problems feel manageable and therefore easier to overcome plus it makes me feel so alive to serve others.

6)  Listen To High-Vibing Music

Music is amazing.  Bands who really elevate my state of being are Elijah Ray, Michael Franti, Bob Marley, The Luminaries, MC Yogi, Jason Mraz, Matthew Kocel, Matisyahu and other incredible conscious artists.   

7)  Live and breathe personal growth

Life is a spiritual journey, which means our problems are lessons.  Invest your time in the things that open your mind, heart and perspective on life.  Give yourself challenges that motivate you to adopt change.  Learn, grow and transform your current belief systems, patterns and habits.  You are the only one who can change your life and by doing that you change the world …

8)  Move Your Body

Sometimes you just have to get the energy moving.  Do Yoga, exercise, dance, flop around like a fish outta water  … whatever it takes.  Activate your body’s energy by getting your heart rate up and blood flowing.

9)  Stay Grateful

Celebrating what I am grateful for has been a lifesaver for me during my most excruciating, gruelingly tough times. No matter how shitty times are you can still always find just as many things to be grateful for. I wouldn’t have been a GratiDude if I didn’t know this from personal experience of saying thank you at my lowest low …

10)  Laugh, Play And Bring On The Humor

Don’t ever forget that you are a miracle and child of the Universe. Whether you’re 8 or 80: there is still more to see, explore, and learn. Don’t ever lose that sense of curiosity and awe for how beautiful the earth is, how magical it is that you are a human in a body on this planet flying through the Universe. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Pierce the pain with humor by laughing at life, yourself and the challenge in front of you as the true gift it is for your higher learning. If times are hard, you may resist doing the things that make you feel better – so do them anyways!

If you’re inspired, please share what’s happening in your life and how you’re dealing with the changes … here’s to the next adventure!


Guide to Inspired Life