Seven Ways To Make Room For Life's Magic And Gifts

I am no psychologist, or degree-holding professional. I am simply a mother, wife, and lover of life. And life has taught me that there is a force out there, greater than ourselves, which causes amazing things to happen.

But it’s not just out there…it’s right within us. The difference between people who experience magic in their lives, and those who don’t, is that the former consciously allow amazing things to happen. They focus on it. They acknowledge its existence. And what they concentrate on is what comes to life.

As if by magic.

Would you like to bring your desires to life and see your dreams materialize?

Here are seven simple things you can choose to do, to make room for really great things to happen every day.

1. Be Grateful

Always have words of gratitude in your heart, and on your lips. Wake up and kickstart your day by saying, “thank you—thank you for the past, present, and future. Thank you for everything I hold in my heart today, thank you for the gift of life.”

2. Be Open

Life takes us by surprise. You may be a great planner, think you have everything figured out, think you know what you want…but leave some space for nice surprises. They’re always around the corner.

3. Smile

“Life’s worthwhile, when you just smile,” sang Charlie Chaplin (1887-1977), the famous comedian. Did you know Chaplin was also a troubled soul? Yet he masked his suffering by making others happy. And the world was truly a little bit better because of the “Little Tramp” in his signature bowler hat.

4. Give 

You don’t have to give money or things at all. Give your time; give your listening ear; give of yourself in little ways and life will give you back so much more. Guaranteed.

5. Forgive

Holding on to the past hurts no one but our self. Think of today as a new day, of the person who wronged you as not the cause of your hurt, but as needing your love and forgiveness even more. See what happens when you decide to let go of angry feelings and surrender to peace.

6. Release 

Sometimes it’s easier to clear our minds when we clear our physical surroundings as well. Let go of the need to always have more and own more. Feel happy with what you have now, and if you don’t need something, just let it go.

7. Accept 

After you let go, tah-dah!—there’s incredible SPACE! And yet, we sometimes let ourselves remain empty and lacking. Do you hold love at a distance because you don’t feel deserving of its warmth? Do you keep miracles at bay because you berate yourself for mistakes made in the past? Allow yourself to accept all the goodness that can be yours this year, fill your heart back up with love, and then watch it overflow.

Yes, you are worthy of living a magical, beautiful life. It is yours to see and feel and know today.

Nyx Martinez

Nyx Martinez

Nyx Martinez is a Creative Wellness Consultant and mom of two. She has enjoyed endless adventures living and working in East Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe as a travel TV host, radio presenter, published author, editor and multi-media artist. She is the co-creator of Lifestyle Planet, an online creative wellness magazine.

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