Yesterday we set you a happiness challenge – make as many people happy as you can this week through small gestures such as striking up conversations with strangers, taking the time to really listen to people or by simply being the great and loving friend you are.

To follow on from our quest, we wanted to explore the notion of happiness further and look at where it comes from.

So often we hear the phrase “happiness comes from within” however we easily forget this as we convince ourselves that we must have the latest phone or some new clothes, despite being unable to close our overflowing wardrobes!

Why Happiness Comes From Within looks at how we’ve come accustomed to looking outside ourselves and to material possessions to make us happy. The author of the article, Ross Garvey, reasons that:

“If you live in the hall of mirrors, only knowing what you are and that you are significant by analyzing the reflections all around you then you wont know where the real you is in all those different definitions of you. You will be lost in a labyrinth, looking for the laid out path, when the real way to freedom is to define it yourself.

Living a happy life starts inside you. If you know who you are, and need not the definitions of others to know yourself. When your drive comes from inside you, will be bold, and have no need for circumstances to be right, for people to support you, for things to make it easier. The eagle stares the cloudless sun in the face.”

By learning to love ourselves unconditionally and by understanding who we are, the happiness and security we feel within is more meaningful and sustainable than any material possession, and can be our greatest defense in life.

Have you changed your outlook on what makes you happy, and moved to a less material and more meaningful life? Did you discover anything else as a result of this shift – perhaps different friends or less debt? Tell us below.

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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