Creating positive energyYou don’t have to be a Law Of Attraction guru to understand that when your thoughts are continually focused on the negative, they act like a magnet – attracting further negativity into your life. Or as in the words of Notes From The Universe author, Mike Dooley:

“Thoughts become things.”

But how do you actually change the undercurrent of your self-talk and start transmitting some powerful positive energy your way, and into the path of others?

It’s not that any of us want to be stuck in a negative dialogue with ourselves, or be in a bad mood when we wake up. But as you probably know, many factors can make us feel low and leave us with a dwindling energy supply. For example, feeling physically or emotionally unwell, low self-esteem or being affected by life’s ebbs and flows, rather than setting your own rhythm.

So how do you amp up your energy supply to ensure it’s set at the right frequency?

1) Surround yourself by the right kind of people

One of the best ways to boost your energy and keep it vibrating at a happy high is by exchanging positivity with other people. Positive energy feeds off positivity (much in the same way negative energy does), so it’s important to surround yourself with people who give you that warm glow in their presence. While giving a friend in need some understanding words of wisdom (and vice versa) is an essential part of the friendship deal, it’s important you don’t find yourself being the only one perking others up.

Also, if you’re going through a tough time, while it’s encouraging to seek the support of people in similar situations, be wary not to let yourself get pulled down by their views, particularly if they have a tendency to play the victim card.

If you feel drained by other people’s energy, or you have relationships in your life that are no longer serving you, trying cutting these negative energetic cords to give yourself an energetic makeover.

2) Use your imagination

When you’re feeling that life isn’t heading in the direction you’d like, or you’re not in the driver’s seat, it’s only natural to be experiencing a little lackluster. This is where some imagination can go a long way.

Remember in school the joy you’d get when writing a fictional story or during art class, when you were just left up to your own creative devices to dream as big as you wanted?

What happened to those days? Sure, imaginating that you have a pet dragon or that you will become a princess may not be so helpful now, but it’s important to start imagining what your dream life looks like, and most of all, get excited by the possibilities. Feeling you’re going nowhere and having nothing to look forward to will leave you feeling depleted of joy and enthusiasm. Creating a vision for yourself will give you a new sense of purpose, with an energy supply to match.

Turn things around by writing down your dreams down, and start mapping the path to get there. What little steps can you take each day? If it’s a holiday that’s pulling at your heartstrings, start researching it and work out a savings plan. You might be surprised to discover that by cutting back on a few coffees each week, that holiday is closer than you imagine.

3) Look after yourself

Give yourself the gift of sufficient sleep. Some people need the recommended eight hours, whereas others can function perfectly fine off six. Work out what your body needs and try and stick to this routine. And no matter how exciting your day is, if your find yourself daydreaming about sleep or noticing how comfortable that couch in your work reception looks, there’s a pretty good chance your energy supply is suffering too.

And beyond getting enough shut-eye, your diet always plays a huge factor in how you feel. A healthy body reaping the rewards of nutrients found in fresh produce is going to provide you with the type of sustainable energy you need to get through the day. Caffeine, greasy foods or your sugary weapon of choice may be convenient and give you a temporary high, although the come down often leaves you in a worse condition (particularly if there’s guilt involved!).

These are just a few simple steps you can use to create more energy into your life each day. Tell us what acts as your proverbial energy fix below.

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