“No matter who you are, not matter where you’re going in your life, at some point you’re gonna need somebody to stand by you.” -Roger Ridley

When it comes to being moved, inspired and uplifted, music is one of those simple pleasures in life that creates such powerful emotions. It can take you down a nostalgic path while bordering on melancholy, and then lift you back up to feeling joyous and carefree in a matter of moments.

So it’s not surprising that music has the power to unite people, cultures and promote peace in the same way that group meditation or other moving acts of solidarity and creativity do.

Which is why when we stumbled across this video, we wanted to continue to spread their message.

Playing For Change, a world movement created to bring peace and unity through music was formed to break down boundaries between people – regardless of race, political, religious or spiritual beliefs. Their aim is simple: to transcend and unite as one human race through music and share it with the world.

In this seven-minute video, Ben E. King’s famous song, Stand By Me, is covered by unknown musicians everywhere from the USA to The Congo, Venezuela to Italy, and the Netherlands to South Africa.

Their performance adds so much more emotion to such an already deeply meaningful song. While all the musicians are fantastic, the guy from the Netherlands at 3:49 minutes really cranks the feel-good factor up a notch.

It’s been viewed over 61 million times, so continue to spread the message of world peace and unity by sharing it too.

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