Stop what you’re doing for a moment and think about the one thing you believe is preventing you from achieving your dreams.

Is it opportunity? Other people’s opinions? Self-esteem? Money? Skill?

Now close your eyes for a second, forget about your limitations and bring those dreams alive by visualizing what they look like in all their glory. How does this other “you” feel in this dream world?

Are you basking in a feeling of achievement and purpose, or do you feel a sense of pride from taking the plunge and following your true calling? Stay in this moment and let this emotion seep into every ounce of your being.

Now open your eyes, press play and watch the above video.

Some of the greatest people in history didn’t have much support and didn’t come from wealth, or a strong education. But it didn’t matter; they were brave enough to think differently. Not just by having bold dreams, but by making the choice not to let anything stop them.

And so can you.

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