Lisa Nichols on happinessOn Tuesday, we published Part 1 of our interview with Lisa Nichols where she shared some of the ups and downs she’s experienced throughout her journey to success. In Part 2 of this interview, she reveals what keeps her grounded, and how others can reach their true potential.

1) You’re known for is your charismatic charm that’s infectious! Have you always been bubbling with so much enthusiasm?

If I were to define my life growing up, the words I’d use would be: fun, exciting and love. I grew up with great parents, a wonderful family, happiness and great food. My parents’ love for me and my brother went beyond tender rituals and fun-filled moments. They taught us to stand for what we believed in, to be good people, and most of all to love and appreciate our family.

Looking at my life today, I focus on creating balance with work, parenting, and being dah-dah-dah-dateable!

I’m in a new season of my life where I’m stepping into another level of personal power and self-worth.

I mentioned earlier that my company is going public and that both excites me and scares me! I’m learning to trust my team of leaders – it feels good that everything no longer falls on my shoulders.

My son just graduated from high school and I spent the summer investing in his dream of becoming a culinary chef where we traveled to the British Virgin Islands and Italy together.

I’ve gone on a few dates and it’s been wonderful to feel my femininity and embrace that part of me that I shelved while I built a company and raised my son.

My enthusiasm and joy comes from creating balance. Life has a sense of humor and I understand that not everything always feels good which is why I’ve chosen fluid and flexibility.

I was born to change the world. I was born to be a mother. I was born to be a daughter, a sister, a leader, a friend… my roles continue.

Long ago, I decided to simply breathe and take it all in. I’m present with what’s before me, not waiting on the next moment nor dwelling on the past. When you experience my contagious energy, it’s because I’m with you – seeing you, acknowledging you and feeling you. It’s a conscious decision to give value and receive value with each person and each experience.

2) If your first love is personal growth and helping others through your inspiring teachings, what would be the second thing that keeps you grounded and defines who you are?

My son and my family, they are everything to me. I recently came home from a 25-day tour that included three countries, two states and over 30 events. When I arrived to the airport, my daddy was there to get me. He’d cooked my favorite meal and the entire family was in my new home – warming the atmosphere for me. I love being overwhelmed by love.

My purpose requires that I travel over 230 days out of the year. That’s a major sacrifice and in the beginning, I told myself that it meant sacrificing my family and my son. But then I realized that God did not ask for my “yes” only to give me a “no” regarding the most precious relationships in my life.

I’ve co-created a phenomenal community that overflows with love, acceptance and celebration.

My son makes me laugh harder than anyone on the planet. He’s smart and quick-witted and truly he’s the greatest gift of my life. My family is the string to my helium, and the tree to my bird-like energy. I always know, I have a safe place to land.

3) For those who have been struggling to reach a higher plane of happiness and success, what advice would you give them?

Life was never promised to be easy. Many of us make up the story that if it doesn’t feel good, then it must not be good and that’s not the complete truth.

For most of us, we find ourselves frustrated with our present situation because we keep cutting and pasting chapters from our past into our current life and then wonder why we’re running into the same issues.

Life circumstances are designed to develop our muscles of understanding, faith, honesty, determination and forgiveness. Success cannot be created while waiting on someone to give you permission to go forward in life. Don’t ask the world to give you permission to be phenomenal, instead give the world notice that you have decided to no longer hide your champion!

Design a life that you love. Get clear on what serves you before you try to serve others. Remember, you can’t give from an empty cup. Most leaders are forced to stop on the side of the road because they won’t pay attention to the road signs and stop to fill their tanks.

Trust yourself and the divine in you. Know that all things are working together to support you living your best life. If you need support staying on track, hire a coach, join a mastermind – do whatever it takes to create something different so you can live something different.

Everything you need to make yourself happy lies within you. Your gifts are plentiful, your dreams are tangible, and despite all obstacles, when you are the first to stand at your side, you are sure to succeed in leading a life you love!

4) What is happiness to you?

Happiness is this life I live. I’m an imperfect child, serving God’s imperfect children and being used to fulfill his perfect work. I don’t believe it gets better than that.

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