Feeling a little down in the dumps?

Got that annoying gray cloud hovering over your head all day?

There are ways to turn bad moods around. And they don’t involve a punching bag, a wild party night (and a subsequent hangover!) or medication.

Here are six mood lifters to rid yourself of those gloomy days…

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1. Sweat To Smile. Exercise may be as effective at relieving mild to moderate depression as the antidepressant Zoloft, reveals a study from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. “Physical activity stimulates the feel-good chemical dopamine, which increases our sense of well-being,” explains Stephen Ilardi, Ph.D., author of The Depression Cure (Da Capo Press).

Picture 22. Sleep off Sadness. People who have insomnia have a fivefold risk of developing depression compared with those who are well rested, according to a study from the University of North Texas in Denton. Aim for seven to eight hours of shut-eye per night.

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Also, if you have a 7th mood lifter secret…we’d love to know!

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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  • Here's a real gem for mood lifting.

    Tell someone (a friend, co-worker, the mail man, etc.) how much you appreciate them. When you let someone else know how much you appreciate them two things happen:

    1. That other person starts to feel better about themselves
    2. You start to feel better about yourself

    It's simple, but it works! Give it a try today.

  • Avatar joy miguel says:

    Here's another one…..SMILE….SMILE……SMILE !!! It gives wonders, TRY IT NOW !

  • Avatar Dee says:

    Get a massage…great mood lifter!

  • Avatar kajal singh says:

    god makes eyes to shine and lips to smile then friends y u take anxiety n cry………

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