We’ve all heard that money can’t buy us happiness. Or as the Beatles rightly pointed out, it can’t buy you love either.

However, despite this knowledge, we are bombarded by an average of 3,000 advertisements a day telling us that success and happiness comes from earning a lot of money, achieving fame and being physically beautiful. It’s little wonder we strive toward achieving these things in hope that they will equal happiness.

In this 4-minute video, Brian Johnson, author of Philosopher’s Notes, explains how we can break this cycle of extrinsic motivation by become more intrinsically motivated; simply by focusing on attaining meaningful relationships, growing as a human being, and making simple contributions to the world around you. Not surprisingly, not only does this make you a better person, but research has shown that it also makes you more psychologically happy and stable, too.

Liked the video? Share your views below and tell us if there’s anything you’ve consciously done to shift your motivation to become more intrinsically focused.

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