Incorporating art into your life

Remember art class in school, where you’d spend an afternoon in the classroom painting or drawing, happily tapping into your creativity? Maybe as a child, you had dreams to pursue your art passion when you “grew up”? Perhaps you were really good at it, too?

If art is still part of your life, you already know how therapeutic it can be. On a stressful day, or lazy Sunday afternoon, getting lost in art and being creative is good for the mind and for the soul.

So if you feel like you’ve lost your artistic touch and would like to introduce it back into your life, 7 Ways To Incorporate More Art Into Your Daily Life gives some practical tips on how to make it part of your daily routine – and the best thing is, anyone can do it.

For example, you can get involved with your local art scene to get the creative juices flowing, or if you love music, you can start exploring different genres of music on the internet to broaden your knowledge (and enjoyment!). It’s not about skill – it’s about losing yourself in your creativity.

“Indeed, enjoying art is one of the purest and most universal ways to ‘lose yourself’ – it’s easy to forget about your problems for a little while when you’re singing along to your favorite song or watching an edge-of-your seat movie.

“At the same time, whether or not you consider yourself an ‘artist’, making art can be a valuable means of self-discovery and emotional healing – hence the invention of art therapy.”

Is art a part of your life already? Tell us additional ways you can incorporate it in your everyday life and the difference it makes to your overall happiness.


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