Happiness challenge

Sometimes we’re so focused on our own happiness and achieving our goals that we forget about the people around us. While speeding through our daily routines, we drown out the outside distractions to ensure we get through the tasks of the day, often to the detriment of experiencing some of life’s greatest joys.

For instance, have you ever noticed that on days that you do slow down and take the time to talk or joke with another person, this little interaction can really make their day? And, aside from their happiness, it also has the effect of clearing out the chatter in your head and letting you live in the moment.


Like the best things in life, making someone else happy doesn’t cost a thing, and more often than not, it takes very little time too. So we set you a challenge dear readers, go out of your way this week and make as many people smile, laugh and feel loved! Not only will it cheer them up, it will make your heart sing too!

What Are The Best Ways To Make Someone Else Happy?

Listen Up!

As we race through our daily routines and say hello to the same person that makes our coffee on route to work – do you ever take the time to ask how they are? Or perhaps the question should be, do you take the time to really listen to their response?

Today as you buy your skinny latte, stop and ask the person making it how their day is, listen to their response, make them smile or laugh or compliment them if it’s warranted. Do they make the best coffee in town? Do you enjoy coming into their shop because you’re always greeted so warmly? Tell them. Make them feel special. After your encounter, you’ll both walk away feeling happier that you did.

Lift Someone’s Spirits Up And Up And Up!

We’ve  previously talked about the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal – the act of writing down five things you were grateful for during your day. Next time a friend needs cheering up, tell them five things about your friendship which you’re grateful for.

For example, does your friend sometimes babysit your children, do they always make you laugh or do you love that you can rely on them for everything from borrowing their clothes to being a shoulder to cry on? Telling them how appreciated they are will lift their spirits and teach both of you how to feel and express love.

Be Supportive

Everyone has a different journey to take in life, therefore the route a friend chooses to take may not always resonate with your own. However when someone comes to you with a problem, being a supportive and caring friend can be the best remedy in the world. It can make the scary decisions seem less daunting knowing that you have someone by your side who loves and understands you. This can also be crucial when you need a shoulder to turn to (and you know you will!).

Always Keep Your Promises And Secrets

Be someone people can count on. As we know, any good relationship is built on trust – it’s important that people can feel that they can confide in you with everything from the big things to the small day-to-day details.

If you say that you’ll meet a friend on the weekend for a coffee to chat about their new job – be there. Or if you’re sister-in-law confides in you and reveals that she’s having marriage problems, resist the urge to talk to your brother. By being the type of person people can count on through thick and thin, people will feel secure and supported around you. After all, wouldn’t you prefer the secrets you whisper in one’s ear to stay there?

These are just a few examples of how you can make other people happier.  Try them out this week and keep us posted below with the responses you get. We guarantee not only will you make them feel happier, you’ll also feel your spirits rise too!

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