Creating a positive self-talk habit How many times a day do you receive a scolding or unhealthy dose of criticism… from yourself?

Breaking free from this highly-destructive habit takes commitment and practice, however is one of the most worthwhile journeys of peace and self-acceptance you’ll ever go on.

Find out how in this simple, yet powerful article excerpt from The Silva Method:

How to Create a Habit of Positive Self-Talk.

Your self-talk determines how you feel.

Try this exercise: say to yourself, “I am angry about the traffic on my commute.” Let yourself feel the statement. If you’re paying attention to your body, you can actually feel a physical response to the words you just said. It might be subtle – but if you were to repeat those words, and keep that train of thought chugging through your mind, your physical response would intensify.

Now say to yourself, “I enjoy a little extra time to listen to music on my commute.”

Doesn’t that sound, and feel, more relaxing?

Repeat that sentence several times, allow yourself to feel it, and your mood will improve. That is the concept of positive self-talk statements: to get you to shift your mindset from grumpy to happy. This will help you navigate life’s challenges, cope with unexpected and unpleasant surprises, and help you manage stress.

You already have a steady stream of self-talk running pretty much nonstop in your mind. Take a moment to get in touch with your feelings and overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. Are you tense? Stressed? Anxious? Worried? Afraid? Angry? Even a low-level undercurrent of persistent negative energies can impact the way you see the world, the way you plan and problem-solve, and the way you create your future.

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