Embrace your emotions

Just maybe, your life purpose isn’t to heal the sick, to make a million dollars and share it with the poor or to find a soul mate and sail the Indian Ocean.

Just maybe your life purpose, is something closer to home, maybe it is to feel melancholy or to feel the warmth of someone’s love.

Just maybe it’s to feel the pain and hurt of rejection or the confusion and angst of not knowing what your life purpose is. Maybe it’s to feel the dizzying highs of falling in love or seeing the joy in a child’s eyes when you hand them back the ball that got kicked over your fence.

Just maybe your life purpose is to feel and feel deeply. To not shy away from emotions and situations that cause those emotions. We all know that the best way to learn something is to do it yourself and the best way to live is to actually live.  We are humans, we have emotions and we have them for a reason, they help us learn and be more compassionate to ourselves and others.

Unfortunately we are trained to not show or go deeply into emotions or feelings, but when you think about it, we learn so much from them. When you lose someone close, you can empathize with someone who has also experienced loss or you can feel the joy when someone wins a well-deserved award.

If someone is feeling down, you can remember a time you felt the same way and instantly you feel compassion and know what they’re going through. Suddenly that one person doesn’t feel so alone, because you know how they’re feeling. That’s powerful stuff.

By not resisting our emotions we understand others and our environment better.
“I don’t want the pain of being hurt”, I hear you say and that’s totally understandable, so instead of guarding your heart, open your eyes and senses to allow yourself to take stock of the emotion and how it moves you.

When you notice your emotions, the mere act of noticing allows you to
create some space between the emotion and yourself. You can then understand
that you’re actually separate from the emotion which brings space to breathe
and understanding.

Your life purpose is to live and live deeply and fully. Spiritual philosopher Timothy Freke calls it “lucid living”, while mindfulness trainer, Jon Kabat-Zinn, calls it “full catastrophe living”, but whatever you label it, it’s about opening your heart, opening your eyes and opening your mind and experiencing this life without judgement.

You’ll notice life becomes richer, more interesting and instead of searching for a long distant soul purpose, you suddenly realise you are living it right now. You are your life purpose. Well done, you’ve achieved it.

We’ve been discussing different ways to discover your life purpose over the last few weeks, and hope it’s provided you with some insight as to what your purpose is. If you feel this article really resonated with what you think your life purpose is, share it below. 

Josh Langley

Josh Langley

Josh is the author of Frog and the Well: Unconventional Happiness (www.frogandthewell.com), a quirky, inspirational cartoon book about the search for happiness. Josh turned to writing and illustrating while on a search to find personal evidence of the afterlife. He discovered that by investigating death, he learned how to enjoy life. His new book Follow Your Heart – Everyday Wisdom For An Extraordinary Life is due out soon.

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