Gratitude logSo we know that gratitude is great, that it makes us feel better, boosts our well-being, and helps us grow, but still so many of us fail to make it a daily habit. Even if it takes just a few minutes a day.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. And here’s one way you can turn gratitude into a daily habit.

It comes from Mike, the man behind and my business partner. He is a HUGE proponent of gratitude. And he’s got a few words to say about how to turn the simple act of gratitude into a daily ritual for self improvement and growth.

Check out this post and if you’re feeling a little thankful, head over to and express yourself!

Gratitude Log

By Mike Reining (Re-posted from NZ Internet Marketing)

Mike ReiningI was asking myself the question today why so many of you LOVE the idea of but fail to return to express your gratitude every single day and I huge insight struck me.

We are all creatures of habit. In fact, most of what we do every single day we do unconsciously on auto-pilot and it is very hard for new habits to become established.

As the saying goes “out of sight out of mind.”

We know, intellectually at least, that expressing gratitude and being grateful is a good thing. We also know that in less than 60 seconds a day, just by writing down what we are grateful for we will instantly raise our emotional set point and feel at least 25% happier. However, despite our good intentions and excitement, we still fail.

Well, here is a little trick that I use to easily help myself create new habits and routines that I want to stick to daily.

1) I use Google Calendar, if you have not tried it just go to

2) I enter the item that I want to remember into Google Calendar and I make it a task that repeats every single day.

3) I then ask Google calendar to automatically me a daily reminder.

I have used this to develop powerful new habits such as:

* Exercising every single day
* Reviewing my goal list and affirmations every day

(I even add my goals and affirmations into the description so that they end up in my inbox and I can review them instantly)

I also used it to develop the habit of expressing gratitude daily via Of course I don’t need these reminders anymore because once you create a successful / supportive habit, it becomes automatic. That is the beautiful thing about habits.

So, take full advantage of and start creating new success habits today.

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