Can you resist the urge to hang out with your cell phone when you’re alone? Would you go to a club, a dress-up dinner or talk to statues in an unfamiliar city all by yourself?  How well do you handle your own company? Do you know how to be alone? Check out what  poet and song writer Tanya Davis has to say about aloneness in this short video, then let us know where you’re ‘at’ with yourself when there’s no one else there.

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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  • Avatar Janet says:

    Although I spend the majority of my time alone, I prefer new life experiences to be shared. Traveling, theater, parties, restaurants, etc. It's nice to share those things with another person or people. I enjoy quiet down time, I enjoy my own company, and I enjoy the stillness. But, too much time alone and I get restless. And, too much time with someone, I feel crowded. With the balance of both in my life I very rarely feel lonely.

  • Avatar Terri says:

    I spend plenty of time alone. It seems to recharge me. I do enjoy sharing new experiences with others who are able to enjoy the moment. Too much time alone and I too get restless but I do feel over whelmed with too much time with someone and I can't focus or think. Most of the time others don't understand my need to be alone and take it asa an insult.

  • Avatar parvati says:

    I haven't listened to the video yet.. but.. loneliness, aloneness, being happy with being alone, being in a family but lonly, being absolutely physically alone and be comfortable.. ALL are familiar territories and stages one has been through.. one has to experience them all to understand the difference and be able to learn to accept being ok with being alone.. the SCARY one is actually feeling alone in one's head! When you begin to disconnect with the illusion and the worldly world.. when things begin to seem like excerpts from a movie.. as the day passes by, when no one seems to be on the same page at the same time with you anymore, when you begin to FEEL the world passing you by and YOU are just there, BEING.. when you begin to feel a dead numbness towards all desire, when the will to create a forward movement in the worldly world gets aborted and you can't understand why, when you feel as if no one connects with you any more but yet feel connected, when your true love music,writing, singing, reaching out loosens it's grips on you, then it is SCARY, because this kind of alone ness is SOMETHING ELSE!
    Any thoughts on this view Vishen or Arjuna Burt?

    • Avatar DAwn says:

      You have hit the nail on the head, this kind of loneliness is SOMETHING ELSE and the question is how does one overcome this?
      I have been single 10 years and my children are growing up and not always around so i spend a lot of time on weekends alone and I have got to the stage where I do not want to be alone on weekends but have no chose I live in south africa and to go out alone in the evenings is something you do not do. I try get my friends to get together but everyone is so busy with there own lives that I am just a minerour agrivation. Sigh. So ya can't answer your question but can say I do know how you feel.

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