Love your bodyThis isn’t a crash diet and it’s not a fad BUT these 7 little steps will make you love your body. It’d be great if we could get this kind of thinking into schools, teenagers, and young adults. Then maybe eating disorders and body dysmorphia wouldn’t be such a big issue like it is today.

In any case, you’ve got an awesome body so why not rock it? Can I get an amen?

Check out the post below and let me know what you think.

7 Ways To Love Your Body Now

By Dr. Ali Binazir for the Huffington Post

The following is one of the best pieces I have read on relating to your body healthily. My good friend Christine Mason McCaull wrote it and was kind enough to let me include it in The Tao of Dating for Women. She is a truly remarkable woman: entrepreneur, CEO, yoga teacher, artist, environmentalist, TED organizer, writer, and mother of four amazing children. Many of my readers have found this piece useful, and it’s so eloquent and empowering that I really can’t improve upon it. I hope you find it useful, too.

1. Wherever you are, love your body as it is right now. I mean now, not when it achieves some desired future state or as it was at a reminisced point of peak fitness. I mean now, not when it is ailment-free. It’s a magnificent machine, and does wonders for you everyday.

Maybe it only gets your spirit from the bed to the bathroom, or maybe it allows you to have babies, or peel a banana or walk to the store or dance Swan Lake or hold a handstand. Whether it is fat or tall or small or imbalanced or polished or bearded or wispy or unpredictable — just love it for what it does for you. Appreciate all the elements and miracles that allow you to live — strong legs, ample hips, the crook of the elbow. The fullness of the heart-beating, veins-throbbing, stomach-growling you!

2. Decommoditize yourself. Your body may be valued in the abstract by the culture at large for its sexuality, its reproductive and productive capacity, its creative capacity — or any number of other things. Don’t allow yourself to be commoditized! There is no cookie-cutter beauty, sexuality, age, or attractiveness. These are cultural constructs, and there is no need to accept these constructs or support their ongoing existence. If you were born in a different place and time, the rules would have been different. They are not real!

Plus, realize that a lot of people make money by trying to convince you that you should be different. They take your resources and power by trying to trick you into thinking you will have more resources and power or love by investing in a stereotype of beauty. Imagine what would happen if the scores of hours and all the emotional and intellectual energy that went into counting calories or self-berating actually went into living! Take a cue from artist Stefan Sagmeister, who says: “Trying to look good limits my life.” Derive your value from being most fully alive, from the times when you are intimate, compassionate, caring, creative, engaged — not from the outward projection.

3. Decommoditize others. Stop praising other people for the values of the commodity-body culture, and start calling out those qualities that make them most themselves, approachable, reachable, human! Begin to notice and compliment people when they embody values that are more to the point: for their humor, intelligence, flair, originality, intensity, focus. Tell them “I love it when you smile — you light up the room!” Even better, take the time to pause and look into people’s eyes and lift the veil that separates you. Check your own judgment at the door and try to see the person behind the body.

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