Dear FinerMinds Readers,

As we near the holidays, the FinerMinds Team thought we’d give you, our readers, a humble but sincere gift. Now it doesn’t come in a box and we can’t wrap it with paper or ribbons, but we so appreciate you – your presence here and the positive things you bring to us and to your world – that we want to give you a few reasons why we love you! Are you ready? Here we go …

1. Your Corner of the World

You guys are from all around the world and this is so awesome because it means that the enlightened ideas we’re sharing here go further through your own sharing and connecting with the peeps around you.

2. You’re Engaging

We love your feedback and comments – even the ‘negative’ stuff! We’ve learned so much from you – about what you want, what you know and learn, and where we should go with FinerMinds. Thanks and keep those comments coming!

3. Your Loyalty

We love seeing some of you again and again on the comment boards, or sharing on facebook. We really appreciate your loyalty and we feel loyal to you, too.

4. You’re Change Agents

If you’re here, then you’re an agent for positive change in this world and one thing’s for sure, this world needs you!

5. Your Flexibility

We post some crazy stuff on FinerMinds  – mind-bending, spiritual, financial and just plain funny, and we love the way you are so flexible in your tastes. It keeps life interesting, eh?

6. You’re the Reason

Why do we jump out of bed in the morning and love our work? Yep, its because of YOU. If you weren’t here, we’d have no reason to sniff out so much cool stuff and feel the happiness of knowing that enlightened ideas are spreading further and further ’round the planet!

7. Your Fine Minds

To sum it all up folks, we love you for your minds – your fine, fine minds!

Cheers, thanks and keep those comments coming – we really thrive on ’em.

The FinerMinds Team

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