Renowned author of books such as Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch, recently posted this excerpt from his newest book, The Only Thing That Matters, and we found it so beautiful that we had to share it with you. 

“So now, always remember – indeed, of all the Remembrances offered here, let this be the one held by you as the most important: You are a blessing.

You have been a blessing to many, many people. You have done more kindnesses, big and small, for more people in your life than you could possibly remember. But those kindnesses are remembered. They are imbedded in the hearts of all those who received them from you, and they are written on the wings of all the angels in heaven. It is what makes the angels fly.

Even as you look up in your final moment on Earth, remember this, and then, watch for those angels. For they will fly straight to you, bringing back to you all the energy of every kindness you have ever offered to another. For this is the purest energy, and it is the energy that you will use to go Home.

Yet that is not now. Not in this precise Moment. For now, know that yes, yes, you are The Gift. There is no mistaking that. Your life has been a testimony to that, far more than you could possibly imagine. Yet wait. Just wait until all of your goodness is added up. Then you will be clear. Then you will know what God knows now: you are God’s Beloved Other, and you have brought blessings to others every single time you have done a kindness, no matter how small.




And now God is waiting to give you the biggest hug to thank you for this, for blessing the lives of so many others so many times in so many ways, allowing Divinity Itself to be made manifest just as God had planned—on Earth as it is in Heaven.

God will give you that hug right now if you will let God do it. Place you hand over your heart right now. In this, as in all things, God must work through you. So gently place your hand over your heart even as you read this.

Then feel the hug.

There now.

You’re Complete.
You’re Home.
Without having to go anywhere.
For it is true . . .
Home is where the heart is.

May blessings continue to flow to you, and through you, all the days of your life. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

To find out more about Neale’s new book, you can visit his website here.  Did this post resonate with you? Let us know your thoughts below. 

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