Many of us have already jumped into the rabbit hole!

And something odd happens when you go down “Alice’s” preverbal rabbit hole. You start to realize that you can move your life in any direction you choose. Be it a physical move, a move to learn something totally wild and new, a relationship move, a career move, or a move to a more conscious way of living. The real potential in being a KnowMad is that you can focus your energy on anything you choose, no matter how far outside of societies expectation you reach. And there is a literal movement of bold souls who have your back!

Who cares what the world thinks of your crazy lifestyle, live it for yourself and the people you love.

People are starting to wake up to this reality that we can live life however we choose. We don’t need to be definite by our labels, our past, or our current reality. This is the new movement, a ‘KnowMadic’ movement that allows the world to be shaped by its individuals, and for people to live out their true desires in the world, literally anywhere they choose.

strong>Young, radical and KnowMadic Edward Harren tells his story of his trip down the rabbit hole…

Check out the video about and have a listen…

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