We wanted to share with everyone an amazing initiative being undertaken by Humanity Healing International. The idea is simple. Supply reusable feminine hygiene products and education to schoolgirls of Uganda, solving a problem that surprisingly is the # 1 cause of female ‘dropout’ from school. The embarrassment and inconveniences caused by menstruation without access of knowledge of proper hygiene, has actually caused female students in Uganda to flat out stop attending! By providing students with the necessary tools and training to get their biological processes handled, the NGO is effecting the amount of girls who stay in school and receive a full education.

The main impedus behind the petition is getting the members of the Uganda Parlement passionate about the cause so the NGO can gain funding. We wanted to pass this along so everyone can get involved, take a second to slap their name down on the petition, and of course get involved anyway you feel so inspired.

Click here to sign the petition, and you can learn more about ways the NGO is approaching the local community in this detailed PDF.

Let’s help the Pads for Schoolgirls empower the young women of Uganda!

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