There are currently two tiers of human consciousness.

There’s the 1st tier, which has existed since the beginning of human time… and the 2nd tier that has been emerging lately.

The 1st tier of consciousness is associated with energy that is bound up.

Its like money in an investment account that can’t be cashed… it’s unavailable and not utilized.

This shows up in the disparaging amount of wealth that few people have and many don’t.

In the 1st tier of consciousness, there is a limited resource — money, love, health.

Each person has to do their share to extract as much as they can from the system and success is measured by how much you can extract from the system and keep for yourself.

In the 1st tier of consciousness, people liberate energy through force and violence.

Whether eating high on the food chain in relation to the violence that happens to those animals that are processed to food products, or the violence that creates war, or even the treatment of disease… violence (force) is required to unbind the energy that is bound up.

Violence is used in relation to control, force, and more specifically taking wealth from the system and binding it up, where the wealth isn’t being distributed or utilized at all.

In this case, the binding energy is merely a means of one feeling a sense of certainty and significance.

And binding energy isn’t just in relation to financial wealth, it also relates to how we see our relationships…all coming to an illusory concept of ownership.

With this illusory concept of ownership comes the challenges that impede greater global growth…like of the copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property.

There’s value to all of this, and at the same time, they may involve taking something that’s readily available to everybody and making it exclusive…ultimately limiting the amount of free energy that humanity can benefit from. a way to make it exclusive.

And its models like this that have brought us to the point on where our world is right now.

More than 3 billion people earn less than $2.50 a day.

World poverty

There are more children that die from water-borne illnesses in one year than people in all the wars since World War 2.

Water borne illnesses

Obviously, this presents a huge challenge.

When we believe that we must take energy from the system and bind it…the only way life can get our attention to change can is through an unstable force of violence in our lives — an attack, bankruptcy, a loss of a loved one, an economic crash, global challenges, climate changes, a serious illness…something of massive, unstable force that shakes us up to reorganize our life by liberating bound energy to free, accessible, unbound energy.

In the past 30 years plus, Donny has developed healing modalities based on liberating bound energy and the motto for greatness went like this: In order to have greatness, you must have a back story of a great wound…and the bigger the gift you have to give, the bigger the wound. 

And here’s the thing now: There has been more than enough wounding in the world, and we can express our gifts freely without needing any more wounding.

This is what brings us to the 2nd tier of consciousness…

What is the 2nd tier of consciousness?

It’s a new awakening.

It’s the extraordinary new thing that’s happening in the world.

Its life based on the unbound energy…like solar energy (an infinite energy source).

The previous tier was based on bound energy, like extracting fossil fuels (energy bound up in dinosaur bones)…this one is based on solar energy (an infinite energy source) and Tesla-like concepts that access readily available energy and make it accessible to everyone.

Some examples of unbound energy include the energy of the sun, light, water, love, gratitude, joy, courage, resourcefulness, and soul.

Abundance is the natural state of the world.

Prosperity is not about how much we own, rather how much we have access to.

People want money because they believe it will give them access to more opportunities…and in the new model you gain this access through abundance, which comes from what you give.

“Everything we have access to today is because sometime before us someone put energy into the system and we’re now standing on their shoulders.” ~ Donny Epstein

Evolutionary businesses grow rapidly to serve the greater good.

We’re already seeing this today in business with how a few guys in their garage end up creating some of the most valuable multi-billion dollar companies that end up making the old, big corporations and systems outdated quickly.

We’ve seen this with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with Apple, Jan Koum and Brian Acton with WhatsApp, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp with Uber, and Easton LaChappelle with the 3D Printed Prosthetic Arm.

Steve Jobs Garage

Businesses focus more on collaboration rather than competition in the 2nd tier…realizing that business is a vehicle to add more value (unbound energy) to the world.

Unbound energy exists in the space between us…not just the physical energy within our bodies.

The most magical moments of our lives are when unbound energy filled the room…victory, celebration, joy, gratitude, love, passion, courage.

When a team comes together, there’s an energy in the space between the people…not based on the energy of their physical body, rather the field and space around people.

At the 2nd tier of consciousness, we become conscious and accountable to recognizing that the amount of energy we show up with influences the epigenetic field of all those around us.

With this knowledge, we bring the victory, courage, joy, love, compassion, soul into every room we step into…amplifying the field for all those around us and ourselves.

We’ll focus more on healing as opposed to curing.

In the healing arts, the basis of unbound energy comes from pure awareness, which means we become aware of something, acknowledge it purely as it is, and accept it without the need or desire to change our experience.

The contrast of this in the bound energy model is like having symptoms and looking for the best pill to take to get rid of the symptoms.

Instead of focusing on symptoms as separate from us, we look at our whole life in a holistic lens…realizing the symptoms are just messengers giving us information about the way we’re living our lives.

Our values and needs will change.

If you’re familiar with Tony Robbins’ 6 human needs…at the 2nd tier, we’re primarily focused on contribution and growth.

We recognize that as we grow and evolve, we have more to give to the world.

We embrace spontaneity, flexibility, and synchronicity as our natural lifestyle.

We realize and viscerally feel that we are all one…and with that comes a greater accountability because every single decision we make influences the whole system.

The food system will evolve.

Vertical farms 2nd tier consciousness

We can already see the change as more agricultural technologies like hydroponics, aquaponics, and vertical farming come into creation.

In fact, Disneyworld in Orlando has a ride that takes you through their hydroponic and aquaponic playground for where they make the majority of the food their park provides.

We can also see the importance and growing demands that organic, non-GMO foods and superfoods are having in the marketplace.

Since the baseline of this future is abundance, I predict the majority of the world will be living on a vegetarian diet.

For one, there’s a lot of violence associated with the process of turning animals into consumable meat products. Its also an unsustainable practice, and consuming meat is associated to the major diseases in the world.

Also, growing organic vegetables and fruits leads greater environmental sustainability and health.

Eating organic vegetables and fruits in a raw or slightly steamed state will allow us to maximize nutrient absorption, satisfying and nourishing our body from a cellular level to a greater degree.

And ultimately, it’s not about how much we take… it’s about how much we give.

Instead of using force to extract from the system, we use power to contribute to the system.

And it’s those who bring the most energy to the system that are the ones who are the most revered.

There’ll be more systems that will evolve…including the entire economy and financial systems, relationship dynamics, education systems and more.

We can already see the greater desire for a “gifting” economy at massive festivals like Burning Man, where 70,000+ people build a city in a week that operates from a de-commoditized society…everything is given as a gift (except ice and coffee)!

At the 2nd tier of consciousness, we will not need to have all the unstable, violent changes to unbind the bound energy that’s not being utilized.

As we embrace the 2nd tier of consciousness, we will have a greater evolution…and it can be a peaceful one because we won’t need to have massive, unstable forces create destruction to force us to reorganize life.

How will you be a shining example of this new tier of consciousness that’s emerging?

Population of those earning less than $2.50 per day.
Children deaths from water borne illnesses.
Poverty Photo.
Water Photo.
Steve Jobs photo.
Hydroponics photo.

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