“It is about the real value, of a real education, which has almost has nothing to do with knowledge, but everything to do with simple awareness.” – David Foster Wallace

This Is Water is an edited version of David Foster Wallace’s (late American novelist) commencement speech, which he presented to graduating students in 2005.

The adapted speech has been turned into this powerful 9-minute video. It takes the viewer on a somewhat sobering journey of what a standard day in the life of a working adult looks like from the vantage point of what David calls the “default consciousness” – and shows how deepened awareness can shift our reality.

While it may not be the typical commencement speech, his message is powerful: real freedom comes from choosing the way we see the world, and altering our default consciousness so that we’re able to see beyond the mundane frustrations of everyday life.

As a generation often so caught up in our own emotions, we loved this video as it challenges us to really reconsider the way we choose to view the world around us. What are your thoughts?

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