dream meaningsWe’ve all experienced vivid dreams where we enter a warped reality, taking us on a fantasy-like journey that leaves us feeling happy, scared, disturbed or intrigued (or all of the above) when we wake from slumber.

But how do our dreams translate in real life? If we dream that a tiger is chasing us, what significance does this have? Or if we get woken by unsettling images of our partner cheating on us (as they blissfully sleep next to us) is this a cause for concern, or just our insecurities playing unsettling tricks on us?

In Ancient Greece and Egypt, dreams were viewed as gateways to the divine, where important messages about our future were revealed. In more recent times, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud state that our dreams can be interpreted as illustrations of our subconscious desires and fears. Whereas some scientists believe they act as a dress rehearsal to prepare us in the event these dreams or fears come true.

Intrigued to learn what some of our most common dreams mean, we thought we’d dig a little deeper and look at what they symbolize. In this two-part article, today we’ll be revealing the meanings behind our top four common dreams, so be sure to read’s tomorrow’s follow-up article!

1) Falling

You may be haunted by the rumor that if you fall and die in your dream, you’ll die in real life. This is of course a myth (so no need to avoid steep stairs!), but it may mean that your life is moving at a rapid pace down the wrong path, and this is your subconscious’ ways of ringing it’s discreet alarm bells.

If you’re experiencing these kinds of dreams, you’re also probably feeling insecure about something, lacking support or feeling very overwhelmed in real life.

Next time you have one of these dreams, evaluate your situation and see what could be causing you such anxiety. Typically if you deal with the issue, the dream should vanish into the distant night….

2) Getting Naked In Public

A very common, yet awkward dream that can leave you clinging to the bed sheets for dear life. But what does exposing yourself so boldly mean?

Is it a sign that you’re at one with your naked body, or that in real life you’re feeling vulnerable or exposed? These kinds of dreams are a sign that you’re afraid of exposing yourself emotionally in some way. Perhaps there’s a secret you’re afraid to reveal or you’re having problems opening up.

According to Keith Stevens, author of The Dreamer and the Beast – How Dreams Exercise Our Primal Instincts this type of dream goes back to our primitive times as being naked in public puts you at a disadvantage as you have nowhere to hide your weapon of choice (pun not intended), leaving you feeling vulnerable.

Interestingly, this dream is most common in those involved in a wedding in real life.

3) A Game Of Chase

For those who have experienced one of these dreams, they can be incredibly disturbing and intense, so much so, they can continue even if you wake up a few times and fall back asleep (now, why doesn’t this happen when we experience the dreams in point four?). What makes these so scary is that more often than not, in these dreams a monster, scary person or animal is chasing you.

So what does it mean? It’s a sign that either someone (or even an emotion) is making you feel threatened. It’s your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that you’re trying to avoid this person or situation. Lauri Loewenberg, author of So What Did You Dream Last Night? says in order to stop having these dreams; you need to tackle the issue in real life.

4) Sex Dreams

We’ve probably all experienced these kinds of dreams. Sometimes they’re about a person we desire in real life, sometimes they’re not at all, leaving you feeling a little surprised that the quiet guy in IT turns out to be quite the stud in the bedroom.

So what do they mean?

Going back to the point made above, our dreams are safe places for us to live out our emotions, including our fantasies, so they represent any urges we secretly have.

If you dream about someone that isn’t your partner, this may indicate that your sex life with your partner needs some spicing up. But it can also mean that you crave intimacy in a no-strings-attached kind of situation, which is why sometimes you can dream about a stranger or friend that doesn’t come with any baggage.

To find out the hidden meanings behind more of the most common dreams, don’t forget to read our follow-up article tomorrow:)

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