Ever considered activating your DNA?

The International Human Genome Project did extensive research over a 14 year period (1989-2003) to identify all the genes of the human genome. The Project decoded approximately 2% of our total physical DNA. The remaining 98% was determined to have no biological purpose and labeled “junk DNA”.

However, two separate research teams (US team led by Professor Eugene Stanley and Russian team lead by Dr. Peter Gariaev) later discovered that the junk DNA was not junk at all.

It is in itself a biological language and it responds to frequencies.

Activating your “junk DNA” opens up the memories stored in your cells, creating balance and harmony on a deep level – your DNA level. It releases karma and increases your vibrations, which helps you become in-tune with who you really are.

The Language of Light

The Language of Light is unique as it’s frequencies activate this so-called junk DNA.

The Language of Light goes in and connects with previous lives, with traumas, events and emotions, then clears everything through the sub-consciousness and the soul consciousness. It clears it through your higher field – the resonating field.

During this process different past traumas will merge at a deep level: as this happens the soul expands itself by creating opposite experiences – a balancing reaction. When this happens, these past traumas are blessed with love at the subconscious level. This is the reason many people start crying out of love when they hear the language. They are being balanced and karma is being released.

For the last 2 years I have been working closely with Lilli Bendriss – one of North Europe’s most famous mediums and psychics – on The Language of Light. She is a strong channeler and has been channeling information from “the other side” for 20 years. She connects with an energy being calling itself The Council of Elders existing 5000 year ahead of our time seen from the perspective of linear time. Through Lilli they convey messages aimed at helping the human race in our evolution.

When channeling The Language of Light for different audiences Lilli and I have seen tremendous reactions. Some people who have listened to the Language of Light report feeling a lightning hitting them pouring love through their hearts. Others talk about chakras opening – especially the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Many talk about “coming home” – having a strong sense of belonging. Some also start to talk the language themselves. Some tell us they understood everything that was being said even though the Language is not of this Earth. The message, they say, is all about building bridges between the visible and invisible worlds.

Some people do not consciously feel anything, but say the language sounds familiar. Some report not feeling or sensing anything at all, although we believe activation is still occurring and will be registered at the subconscious level.

The Language of Light is an effective tool in this time of awakening. By remembering who we really are, we also will become powerful creators creating for the good of all.

Why not listen to it yourself and feel how it works for you? Check out the video below, created especially for FinerMinds, which contains an audio track of the Language of Light.

So let us know, how did The Language of Light make you feel? Could you feel your chakras opening?

Camillo Loken is the author of the newly published bookThe Shift in Consciousness. He is also as a speaker, inventor and the founder of the website, One Mind – One Energy. His passion is to inspire people and turn their inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.
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