“The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool I’ve ever used for developing my mind for thinking and evolving.” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan, stand-up comedian, actor, writer and commentator talks about his experience in a sensory deprivation chamber in this not-to-be-missed fascinating five-minute video.

Likened to being immersed in a coffin with water, it’s understandable how this may fill many with fear and anxiety.

Although if you can get past this initial preconception, and you allow your mind to become untethered from your body, you’ll begin to contemplate your own existence and that of the Universe with immense clarity.

Joe explains that it acts like an onion, slowly peeling away layers of your thoughts, distinguishing which ones are important and are serving you, and which are not.

Transformational Coach Doc Barham, who has used sensory deprivation chambers for over 15 years, has this to say about their effectiveness:

“The principle is simple: when you eliminate visual, auditory, kinesthetic, proprioceptive, and other stimuli to the human nervous system you are more easily able to relax deeply and focus. As a result, you can do profound things.”

If you’ve used a sensory deprivation chamber, we’d love to hear whether you found it to be transformational, relaxing or even uncomfortable. 

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