Reading aurasFor thousands of years, ancient spiritual groups used aura readings as powerful tools to indicate someone’s intentions and character. 

However, the practice of reading the colors of this outward glow is somewhat a lost art in modern society, although it is one that we all have the capability to tap into.

In the article How To See And Interpret Aura Colors, it explains how to interpret auras and why this skill is still useful.

“We all have the ability to see auras, and we all possess the skills required in order to interpret their meanings and what symbolic messages are carried in their shape, size and especially their color. Why is this useful? Why might you wish to do this? Quite simply, reading auras allows you to very quickly read more deeply into the people you meet and encounter.”

Are you able to read auras? We’d love to learn whether this is something you’ve learned through practice, or if you’ve always had a natural gift to interpret this conscious glow.

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